Kicked Back Jungalow Style for Your Little Bohemian

Justina Blakeney’s signature look has taken the design world by storm and practically everyone wants in on her Jungalow style. If you’re looking for some boho-chic serenity to get them dreaming or to calm their crazies, you can ease into this typically vibrant and colorful look perfect for a kid’s room.

Your Own Private Jungalow

The Jungalow style is all about personalization, plants, and peacefulness. And it’s not difficult (or expensive) to recreate at home. Thrift-store finds get a thumbs up. So do all those little trinkets you’ve amassed on your travels.

An authentic Jungalow look includes:

  • Creative reuse and repurposing
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Patterns upon patterns
  • Global and vintage finds
  • Personalization and a TON of plants

And it best suits:

  • Tiny nomads with wanderlust
  • Mini green thumbs who thrive on all that is lush
  • Boho globetrotters with a taste for the exotic
  • Adventurers and free spirits

Sounds just like your child? Then check out these gorgeous finds for your little’s own private boho retreat.

The Maya Flower Chair from Lea and Lani is a lovely addition to a child’s room and perfectly cozy to curl up in with a book. Add patterned pillows made of mudcloth or kilims and pair with a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree or some hanging planters to hold your greenery. The Maya Flower chair comes in mint, pink, ocean blue, or natural.

Adding some global flare is a great way to bring in some of those fun, bold patterns, and rugs have the added bonus of adding warmth to otherwise bare flooring. Etsy’s Loom and Field offers handcrafted home goods created by artisans around the world. Vintage Turkish and Moroccan rugs like this one bring an authentic nomadic vibe to your decor. Plus, proceeds empower women weavers with literacy education and training.

Adorable ceramic vases from Bloomingville bring a fun yet elegant opportunity to add more color and personality to your decor. With a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles that you can mix and match, you can really let loose and go eclectic with your greenery.

The Family Love Tree’s Peacock Cabinet is an adorable peek-a-boo storage unit that offers boho style while giving a glimpse of some of your most precious finds. Use it to house your global accents and showcase your family’s well-traveled spirit.

We’re completely smitten by Dutch illustrator Lieke van der Vorst’s stunning prints and illustrations. Her pieces are vibrant, graphic and gorgeous in their simplicity. She often features lush bounty with images of vegetable gardens and greenhouses or simple outdoor scenes. Her work brings a fresh and playful way to add more patterns and greenery to your decor. Find her lovely pieces at Leikeland.

For more texture on your gallery wall, Sarah K Benning’s hand-stitched embroidery is darling. Tiny in stature but big on the wow factor, they’re true visual treats that look great on their own, together as a group, or mixed with your other pieces.

A night light that subliminally reminds you that life has its prickles, but it also has its blossoms, the Goodnight Light Cactus is both practical and beautiful, bringing in that outdoorsy element while calming your child’s nighttime fears.

Play with vertical spaces when it comes to your greenery. Mix and match larger floor standing plants with smaller ones that your can place on shelves and furniture as well as ones that you can simply hang. Macrame plant hangers are a favorite and this one from The Family Love Tree is truly a work of art.

And when you don’t have the space for the real thing, add your foliage in lively illustrations. The Mint Gardener offers a variety of beautifully made watercolor work featuring all sorts of pretty plants.

Another great find from Bloomingville, this little side table is a sweet way to group a number of smaller plants together for your child’s own mini indoor garden space.

While the Jungalow style touts loud, bold patterns, a print like this dinosaur wallpaper from Sian Zeng is a wonderfully kid-friendly option that brings in the jungle atmosphere. Bonus: the paper is actually magnetic, making impromptu wall hangings much easier and without causing any damage – great for spotlighting all that artwork that comes home on a weekly basis.

Finally, with all the greenery, colors, and patterns going on, don’t overlook your natural materials for contrast and relief. This hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily adds a cozy boho vibe without taking up any of your floor space. Use it in a special nook with plants and artwork and your otherwise neglected space will quickly come to life.

What are some of your favorite pieces for Jungalow living?

Cover image: Lisa Cohen for The Family Love Tree

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