Magical Rainbow Treats for Unicorn Lovers

If you are looking for a party idea for girls who have outgrown the princess phase but still love pretty pastels and things that sparkle, you can’t go wrong with a unicorn theme. Once you have the glittery decorations and magical activities in place, you can get on with the goodies. There is just one problem: you have so many adorable options to choose from!

Check out this lengthy list of enchanting unicorn themed food ideas in baby soft pink, lovely lavender and other sweet, swirling rainbow colors.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Give guests something to warm them up and wet their whistles. This is no ordinary boring brown cocoa. Chopped white chocolate and pink food coloring create the pretty base of this rich beverage by Cookies & Cups. For the full effect, use clear glass mugs. Coat the rims in pastel blue food coloring and then dip them into light rainbow sprinkles before adding the hot chocolate. To complete the drinks, spray on whipped topping and scatter on pastel mini marshmallows.

Edible Unicorn Horns

You cannot have a unicorn party without horns and these pretty confections fit the bill. Jamie Satterwaite shared these airy treats at Some of This and That. They are made from dough that only requires three ingredients: lemon-lime soda, Jell-O and powdered sugar. You will want to make at least three colors of the dough so that when you twist lengths together to create the horns, you will have that desirable rainbow look.

Unicorn Pretzels

These pretty pretzel wands from Sheryl at Lady Behind the Curtain look like something you might find at a Renaissance festival or an upscale candy store. When you discover how easy it is to make them at home, they will be a must for your unicorn lovers. Simply soften some store-bought caramels in the microwave and mold them around pretzel rods. Dipping and drizzling the pretzels with colorful candy melts creates the gorgeous marbled rainbow effect.

Two Ingredient Unicorn Fudge

How can you not love a recipe with only two ingredients? By the look of the final product, you would never guess that it is so simple to make. To put together this pretty pastel fudge from Kara’s Party Ideas, all that you need is a bag of white chocolate chips and a can of strawberry frosting. I know, right? Too easy! Of course, you have to top it off with the prettiest sprinkles you can find, so maybe three ingredients, tops.

Sparkly Bark

Often reserved for the holidays, candy bark is typically dark or milk chocolate studded with nuts or other additions so that it vaguely resembles the brown bark of a tree. There is nothing brown, drab or treelike about this unicorn bark by Elizabeth Labau at The Spruce. Simply melt white candy coating, swirl in some candy colors and pepper with sprinkles, candy pearls and other lovely embellishments.

Mystical Macarons

These darling unicorn treats are probably the most difficult to make, but they will surely be the star attraction on the party table. Erika at Sumopocky changes the basic shape of macarons ever so slightly to add ears and a single horn to each light meringue cookie. Before baking, she draws on sweet unicorn faces to complete these magical cookies.

Unicorn Poop Ice Cream

If you want to inspire a round of giggles at your gathering, just tell guests the name of this rainbow-colored treat. Perhaps the best part of this ice cream by Julie at Bread Booze Bacon is that you do not need an ice cream maker to create this creamy treat. All that you need is some mixing and time in the freezer.

Unicorn Cupcake Station

When you can combine food and fun into an entertaining party activity, everyone wins. Naomi Robinson of Bakers Royale shares a unicorn cupcake station idea in this post on the Crate and Barrel blog. You will need a batch of plain vanilla cupcakes to start. Then, set a table with frosting and pastel toppings, such as the rainbow marshmallow recipe mentioned in the post so guests can create their own versions of unicorn cupcakes.

Magical Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars

Any treat recipe with the word “Funfetti” in the name is a shoe-in for a unicorn-themed party. Francesca Bean at Brit + Co made these delightful sugar cookie bars with bright sprinkles mixed in à la Lisa Frank and more scattered on the frosting. If you are going for a lighter, more pastel rainbow look, switch out the primary-colored sprinkles for pinks, purples and teals. You could tint white frosting with pastel colors and swirl on the topping, as well.

With so much sparkling, swirled, sprinkled sweetness, the hardest part is up to you. Which of these unicorn treat ideas will you limit yourself to whipping up?

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