Molly Moon Brings Girl Power to Movie Night

Kids love adventure laced with magic – from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it’s a recipe that’s guaranteed to please. And now comes Molly Moon, also from the world of books, for her first big screen escapade.

In Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism, eleven year old Molly (Raffey Cassidy) lives at Hardwick House Orphanage and while it’s not the greatest place to grow up, she’s got friends and she’s got ambition. She knows that someday, she’s going to be a star.

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

2015, PG

That day comes sooner than later. While practicing for a talent show, she decides to check out a few books from the local library where she finds a fascinating old tome entitled Hypnotism: An Ancient Art Explained. Intrigued, she begins to leaf through its pages. But no sooner does she get to the good part, than a bad guy tries to take the book right out from under her nose! She foils him, and her madcap adventure is off and running.

Ne’er-do-well Nockman (Dominic Monaghan) and his overbearing mother (Joan Collins) will stop at nothing to get the magical book. They need it to rob banks, and it’s the only copy left in the entire world.

But Molly soon discovers the depths of its powers herself, and after practicing on the Headmistress Trinklebury’s (Emily Watson) peevish pug Petula, she realizes she can get anyone to do her bidding. With the subtle use of CGI, we see Molly’s eyes glow green as she casts her spells. Nockman tracks Molly and the book to the orphanage, but he’s a bumbler and she (and Petula) easily slip from his grasp, hop a bus, and wind up in London.

Here the story takes a turn from Little Orphan Annie to Jem and the Holograms, as Molly finds herself propelled into superstardom – with a little help from the incredible book of hypnotism. Before long, Nockman – a bumbler perhaps, but a very determined one – finds her and once again the story takes a hairpin turn.

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism is a fun movie for kids (especially girls) ages 6 to 12 or so. It’s lightweight fare, but is well-acted and the message about being yourself and accomplishing things on your own merits is strong without being heavy-handed. First and foremost, it’s a fun and heartfelt story.

Visit Common Sense Media for more info on this movie’s appropriateness for your child.

Who are some of your best-loved female heroes for girlie tweens?

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