Post Baby Weight Loss: Psych Yourself into a Getting Fit

Do you hear those whispers in your head like, “I’ll never lose this baby weight.” Or, “I fail at every diet I try.” You could be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and setting yourself up for failure. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, change your attitude first, and the weight loss will follow. A positive self-fulfilling prophecy can allow you to hit your target.

Time Well Spent

In our society we want it now; and we can pretty much have it now; except when it comes to weight loss. Celebrities and contestants on TV shows have around the clock trainers and nutritionists to hold their hand and help them lose weight quickly. Fad diets and ads promoting quick weight loss are unrealistic and the results rarely last long. A pound or two a week is safe and effective because you’re taking your time to reprogram your mindset to live healthy lifestyle – permanently, not just till you see the magic number on the scale. This isn’t an all or none principal. You will stumble but it doesn’t mean you have to surrender your goals.

Dream On

Get psyched about your future! Visualize yourself – your future self six months to a year down the road, think of how good you will look and feel. Start your own board on Pinterest of the clothes you want buy. Think of the activities you’ve always wanted to try but were held back because of your weight or lack of self-confidence. Visualize running a 5K and sign up for a fun color run. Make plans for a bicycle tour. Plan a beach vacation. Start dreaming it and set monthly goals to get it done!

Nix a Bad Habit

The kids are finally in bed and it’s time for Netflix. While you’re engrossed in Francis Underwood’s political manipulation on House of Cards, you find yourself at the bottom of the potato chip bag. It’s so easy to eat your way through a bag of potato chips and not even realize it until you get down to the crumbs.

You don’t have to give up nightly noshing but try to choose healthier options. If you can’t give up your chips just yet, psych yourself into eating less by trying this: pour your chips (or whatever snack you want) in a small bowl and eat one piece at a time. Yep, one piece – at a time! Savor the flavor and texture. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you are when your bowl is empty. Craving ice cream? Choose a small bowl and borrow your toddler’s spoon. This automatically slows you down and eating slower makes you feel fuller.

Don’t Call It Exercise

If you’re not currently a fan of exercise, that’s one hurdle that you’ll have to get over to effectively lose weight. Start associating positive traits with exercise. For example, exercise releases feel-good endorphins and relieves stress. Instead of saying, “I have to workout today,” say “I get the opportunity to workout today and do something for myself.”  Next, find an activity you actually enjoy doing. It can be walking with a friend, taking a dance class, riding a bike, swimming, or a fitness DVD. And remember, you can squeeze in three 10-minute sessions and have the same results as a 30-minute workout. Psych yourself into thinking like an athlete and splurge on some new sneakers and clothes made just for sweating. Dress like an athlete and you’ll be more inclined to act like one.

Forbidden Desires

A lot of moms make the mistake of eliminating foods or entire food groups when they try to slash calories. Anytime you remove a food group from your eating plan, you’ll lose weight but that doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. You could be depriving yourself of healthy nutrients. As soon as you label something forbidden, the desire to eat it becomes more intense. We simply want what we can’t have. Depriving yourself can lead to overindulging with a boat load of self-loathing to follow. Instead of eliminating your favorite foods, make a plan to enjoy them in moderation. Think of it this way – strive to eat healthy 80% of the time and save the remaining 20% to indulge in the foods you love.

Out of Sight out of Mind

It’s difficult to stay within that 80/20 principal if you have family members who don’t share your newfound enthusiasm for healthier eating. A box of cookies or leftover pie sitting on the counter is going to be whispering your name all day. Put tempting foods in a separate cupboard. Stow away tempting cold items in the fridge drawer or things like ice cream behind the frozen spinach in the freezer.

What changes will you make in your attitude and lifestyle to help you lose weight?

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