These Gardening Kits Will Have Your Kids Planting in No Time

The thing we like most about kiddie gardening is, we can only kill plants on a small scale instead of wreaking our usual garden-wide genocide. We’re sure your kids will have much better luck with these terrific ideas listed below, because not only are they fun, they actually work like they’re supposed to (not a Chia Pet in the lot: we promise!). There’s just something about cultivating plants that kids love – it’s the fascination and the satisfaction of watching something grow and learning how it all works from seed to leaf. 

Top: Decker Rd. Seeds Butterfly Garden Kit, Boske Sky Planter || Bottom: IKEA Indoor Growing Cultivator, The Felterie Wool Planter

Decker Rd. Seeds Butterfly Garden Kit

This cool kit comes with everything a kid needs to start their own lush garden with flowers selected expressly to attract bees and butterflies. Kit includes: 6 coco fiber pots, 6 soil pellets, 6 wooden plant markers, and 6 seed tins filled with flower seeds. Varieties include: Zinnia ‘Carousel’, Nasturtium, Coneflower ‘Pale Purple’, Cosmos ‘Sensations’, Lupine ‘Russell Mix’, and Corn Poppy ‘Shirley Mix’. Planting instructions are also included, and everything is packaged in a hand-stamped muslin bag. It’s very easy to get your butterfly garden started: just add water to the soil pellet, wait until it expands, then add the seeds. Mark each pot with labels provided, and you should have little sprouts in approximately 7 -20 days. Give your kids full responsibility for taking care of their plant babies and enjoy the fruits of the labor when butterflies start to visit.

Boskke Sky Planter

This is bloomin’ brilliant! The Brits have it all figured out: “Floor space is a precious commodity. Ceiling space not so much.” Why didn’t we think of that? A helpful video shows that The Sky Planter is more than an upside down plant pot. It’s crafted with stylish stoneware ceramic and uses the Boskke “Slo-Flo” irrigation system to provide the plant with water for up to two weeks at a time. Perfect for showing your kids how to mix engineering with nature. Made for plants that have already sprouted. (Plant not included.)

IKEA Indoor Growing Cultivator

This is just one of many choices Ikea gives you and your kids to grow all kinds of plants inside – not only are plants pretty and fun to care for, they’ll care for you right back with good moods and plenty of oxygen. This little cultivator is adorable for kids who want to start planting. A single tray unit fits almost anywhere: a bookcase, on top of a cabinet or a bedside table. Want to grow a little more? They have multi-tiered units that make the most of vertical spaces. (Seeds not included.)

The Felterie Wool Planter

How cute is this? It looks like a succulent is wearing a little wool sweater. But it’s really more of a cozy, wrapped around a leak-proof metal planter. We love the feeling of empathy this little planter exudes, visually reinforcing a sense of your plant’s fragility and its need for care. If the wool does get wet or dirty, simply remove the felted wool, rinse it in chilly water, then shape it around the plant pot and allow to dry on a windowsill or other sunny location. The petite planter - 4.5 inches tall (inner height is 4 inches), 4.25 inches inner diameter at the top – does not include seeds. But the shop recommends it for cacti or succulents.

Top: Sahel Wall Planters, Terrain Seed Bomb Slingshot || Bottom: Air Friend Sea Urchin Kit, Terrain Bird Garden Seed Kit

Sahel Wall Planters

Check out this ceramic safari. These very chic yet playful kid-friendly planters are in Serengeti shapes that include elephant, rhino, and hippo heads. They go on the wall, and while they do not include hanging hardware or the seeds, we still think they’re pretty neat. They are available online only, but you can enlarge the images online to see the details and quality of craftsmanship.

Terrain Seed Bomb Slingshot

For impatient little kids who are less enthused about being meticulous in their plantings, seed bombs are just the thing. A great way to get boys into gardening...I mean, come on! There are slingshots involved.. just let your kids “shoot” the seeds into the soil. Seed bombs include: red clay, worm castings, annual gallardia, baby blue eyes, black-eyed Susan, calendula, dwarf cosmos, French marigold, lance-leaved coreopsis, plains coreopsis, perennial gallardia, perennial lupine, purple coneflower, red poppy, and sweet alyssum. The slingshot itself is made of quality wood, rubber and leather.

Air Friend Sea Urchin Kit

Grow plants without getting your hands dirt and watch them grow from within these cool copper-painted planters made out of sea-urchin shells. You get a set of three air plant holders, and the plants to go inside are available for $3 extra. The living components are Tillandsia Scaposa, which are low maintenance air plants that are easy to care for. The air plant jellyfish go swimmingly with nautical decor, beach style, or rustic looks. Fans of Finding Dory are sure to love this!

Terrain Bird Garden Seed Kit

Your kids get a double-whammy with this one: plants to grow, and birds to feed! The idea here is to attract feathered friends to the garden with this flowering seed kit, each containing eight varieties known for bountiful blooms and avian appeal. The kit includes: amaranthus, calendula, larkspur, buckwheat, sunflower, liatris, Mexican hat, and salvia seeds, garden stakes, pencil, instructions, and recycled steel tin.

Will you be gardening with your kids this year? What are some of your favorite planting activities?

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The wool planter is so pretty. I wonder how it will hold up though!
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Seed bombs!
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These are great! I'd love to start a little indoor garden with my kids
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