Top Six Things to Do in Seattle with Kids

Think Seattle’s just about the rain, coffee, and grunge? For those of you who like to look at the bright side of things, Seattle is also known as The Emerald City, where everything is full of wonder and whimsy. There is actually plenty of family fun to be had so make your stay in Seattle unforgettable for the youngest members of the family at some of the city’s most kid-friendly attractions. These spots are so cool, your kids will want to toss their ruby slippers, and never go back home!

Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight focuses on aviation, space exploration, and the history of human flight. Visitors will see models of the Apollo 17 Mission crafts, fighter planes from World War I and World War II, even a scaled-down model of the first hot air balloon to ever take people into the sky in 1783.

Head to the Kid’s Flight Zone where children can learn about the different ways an aircraft operates. There are also areas where they can experiment with aerodynamics and view working models of airplane engines.

Some of the sections in the Flight Zone are closed to the public from 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday, so plan on visiting during the weekend or after 2pm to get the most out of the experience.

Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is home to more than 300 species of animals from across the globe. The zoo was first founded in 1899 and has remained dedicated to educating the public about the importance of preserving nature. There are numerous family programs to choose from, so check the zoo’s website to see what’s available.

Among the mammals on exhibit, visitors will find elephants, lions, giraffes, gorillas, and zebras, to name only a few. There are also plenty of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects on display. Kids are sure to get hungry, so visit the Rainforest Food Pavilion for an array of meal options. You can also check if the seasonal Pacific Blue Chowder House is open.

Parents can rent single strollers ($7), double strollers ($9), or wagons ($10) to accommodate toddlers who won’t be able to handle all the walking. Families can also rent binoculars for $5 to get closer views of the animals.

Seattle Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum provides an interactive environment where kids, parents, and even grandparents can learn and play together. Let your child run free and explore the exhibits they are naturally drawn to, which will be easy with so many pint-sized worlds to choose from!

Bigger kids can build a fort at the Fort Adventure area, take an imaginary trip around the world at the Global Village, or embark on a rock-climbing adventure at the Mountain exhibit. The Discovery Bay area is best for kids aged 3 and under and has safe exhibits they can touch without the risk of hurting themselves.

Does your child fantasize about being a grown up? Let them shop for groceries at the Metropolitan Market or get their eyesight checked out at the Eye Clinic exhibit for a taste of adult life. 

Pacific Science Center

The goal of the Pacific Science Center is to get young people interested in the fields of science, math, and technology. Its hands-on exhibits are designed to help kids think in new and innovative ways, and inspire them to pursue these fascinating subjects for years to come.

Small kids will want to spend time experimenting with water at the Just for Tots exhibit, while kids of all ages will have a blast learning how various scientific devices work at the Science Playground. Is one of your little ones a dinosaur fan? Make sure you let them experience the Mesozoic Era at Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time.

Want to catch a movie while you’re in town? Why not treat yourself to a showing at the IMAX at Pacific Science Center? Check their website to see what is playing.

Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market, families can browse through fresh produce stands and independently-owned businesses scattered among nine acres of a historic Seattle neighborhood.

Take this opportunity to introduce youngsters to the world of fresh and healthy food as they gaze upon piles of colorful vegetables and fruits. The market also offers a few kid-friendly treats, like candy shops, toy stores, magic shops, and the oldest comic shop in America!

You’re sure to find some street performers busking for tips, so throw them your change after you’ve purchased some produce. If you want to avoid crowds, go on a weekday before noon, and be aware that the market gets more packed during the summer.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is a non-profit organization committed to educating the public about marine conservation. Families can catch daily animal feedings and shows while learning all about the sea animals of the Pacific Northwest, specifically those native to Puget Sound. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as you take a look at the magnificent undersea world that exists right off the Pacific shore.

Along with an array of creepy-looking sea creatures and colorful fish, families will also encounter otters and seals at the Marine Mammals exhibit, as well as some local birds at the Birds and Shores exhibit. There is even an Underwater Dome where visitors can go beneath the surface of the water for a complete 360-degree view of the marine life of Puget Sound.

Visitors are welcome to eat a picnic lunch in the Life on the Edge exhibit area. You can also skip the sack lunch and purchase a meal from the Aquarium Cafe.

Have you been to Seattle with kids? What attractions did your little ones like the best?

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