Valentine's Crafts for Boys (Sans Glitter, Pink, and Frills)

While there are exceptions to every rule, generally speaking, little boys are not fans of frilly, mushy shows of affection. But that doesn’t mean they want to miss out on all of the cards, gifts, and treats that Valentine’s Day has to offer! The good news is that loads of Valentine’s crafts are ideal for boys. Spend an afternoon making one (or more!) of these mom-tested, little guy-approved, Valentine’s Day projects:

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Collecting Cards

Kids often make their own “mailboxes” to place on their desk at school so their classmates can drop in Valentine’s Day cards. Help boys think about their interests and use them to inspire custom boxes.

For instance, if you have a video game lover, you can create a character box pretty easily. Cover a box in different shades of green squares; add two square eyes and a pixelated mouth out of black paper or tape to make a Minecraft creeper. Or paint the box red or green and glue on overalls cut from blue construction paper for a Mario or Luigi box.

Movie, television, and comic book characters make good fodder, as well. A box painted yellow can quickly be made into SpongeBob Squarepants or a Minion with some glued on eyes or goggles and the right facial expression. Alternatively, make construction paper cutouts to use for a superhero box.

If you want something that looks more Valentine-y, try this monster craft: Cover an empty tissue box in Valentine-themed wrapping paper, leaving the hole at the top of the box uncovered. Put a black dot in the center of cups cut from an egg carton for eyes – you can make one, two, or three. Place the box on its side and glue the eyes on top of the box. Cut white construction paper teeth and paste them around the inside of the opening to make a big-mouth monster that collects cards!

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A Sucker for Love

Candy and Valentine’s Day cards go hand in hand. Little lollipops can be the basis of some greetings to pass out in class that are fantastically fun, but not too cutesy for boys to enjoy. Plus, the cards are easy to make at home.

  • Take a photo of your little guy holding his closed hand out in front of him. Make this picture into a basic Valentine using your favorite photo editor by adding the words “Don’t be a sucker! Be my Valentine,” and printing copies onto 3x5 card stock. Cut small slits above and below his hand on each card. Slide a small sucker through each one.
  • Cut mustaches out of black cardstock (they should fit over a child’s upper lip and mouth. On the back, write “I mustache you to be my Valentine.” Poke a lollipop through each one so that when the kids enjoy their suckers, they will also don facial hair.
  • Using a variety of construction paper colors, cut out small capes (about 2 inches long by 1 ½ inches wide). Write “Have a Super Valentine’s Day” on each cape, and poke suckers through them. For an extra touch, cut out little masks and tape them onto the lollies.
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Doily-Free Greetings

The school doesn’t allow candy? No problem! While cutting hearts out of lacy paper just won’t do for most boys, you can offer these Valentine card crafts as an alternative to boring store-bought options...He might even make one for you!

  • Draw a mason jar on 3x5 card stock, download a clipart jar, or photograph one and print. Write “Don’t want to bug you, but will you be mine?” on the card. Glue a small plastic insect onto the card, in the center of each jar as a gift.
  • Cut black or dark blue hearts from cardstock or poster board. Write “You’re out of this world, Valentine” and dot some stars on each one using a silver gel pen. Glue a swirly bouncy ball onto each card to resemble a planet.
  • Alternatively, glue a ball onto red cardstock hearts with the words, “Have a ball on Valentine’s Day!”
  • Modify the lollipop holder card with your child’s photo. Write “May the Force be with you, Valentine” and slide a glow stick bracelet through his hand. Another option: Use a printed pic of his favorite Star Wars character instead.
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Share-Worthy Treats

Kids love to give (and receive!) sweet treats from their friends. Skip the overdone chalky hearts and make one of these creative Valentine treat crafts together instead.

  • Wrap rolls of Rolos candy with red construction paper and glue a short piece of black yarn to one end. Write “Valentine, you are dynamite,” or “Valentine, you’re the bomb” on each.
  • Make wrappers for packages of gum with pictures of zombies on them and the words, “I chews you to be mine.”
  • Give baggies of Starburst fruit chews with a note attached reading, “I’d burst if you’d be my Valentine.”
  • Tie cards with ribbons to squeezable fruit or yogurt pouches with the message, “Valentine, I think you are awesome-sauce” or “How about a Valentine’s Day squeeze?”

When coming up with Valentine’s Day craft ideas for the boy in your life, make sure to get him involved. With some creative brainstorming, you could both come up with something cool and unique.

Got ideas for valentine crafts for boys? Share them with us in the comments below!

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