Want to Be a Momtrepreneur But Haven't Got a Clue?

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on a Monday morning without having to take on that long commute to work—without the road rage? Without circling the parking lot battles?

Imagine typing away in your yoga pants… downward facing dog between projects… free from office politics and gossip. How about the luxury of making your schedule and being able to take your kids to school and pick them up as well?

Those are just the perks of being a momtrepreneur.  But the real prize? It's making your career goals come true... owning your own business and bringing your ideas to life. After all, you're a business-savvy contributor with grit and goals, right?

Taking on the Challenge


Now, before you let the fear of failure set in or immediately assume you will never be able to pull off running your household and a company, consider that whether you are single or married, becoming an entrepreneur is like any other choice in your life; there is always risk involved. But what you choose to do for a living will dictate large portions of your life: Time. Money. Happiness. Freedom.

Next, take a good look at your life. If you have a job, are you passionate about what you do? If you are a stay at home mom, do you want to have something that is your own?  Do you have a talent or skill that can possibly translate into a business that can make money and at the same time give you a renewed sense of purpose?  Or have you seen a gap out in the marketplace that you want to fill? Now take a deep breath and contemplate the possibilities.

There are a multitude of small businesses that a stay at home single or married mom can start.  And many of the options require skills you likely already have. For example, being a parent requires time management, multitasking, the ability to think on your feet, making quick decisions, and maintaining a budget. If you’ve been working in the same career for a long time, even better, your expertise will give you a leg up.

Getting Started When You're Completely at a Loss


These days there are several ways to learn how to start your own business that don’t require heavy investment or loads of experience. Of course, there are adult school and community college classes, webinars, online courses, and tutorials, as well as e-books to help you with the basics.

But an excellent way to get hands on experience, if you have an idea of your sector, is to do it on someone else’s dime. Volunteering, interning, or freelancing for the type of company you wish to own will help you discover whether or not you’re truly passionate about the field, what it takes to succeed, if it will supply you with your desired income and quality of life. Plus you'll have the flexibility to contribute according to your schedule so that you can transition back into a work schedule.

Easy and popular choices for momtrepreneurs include design, home organizing, social media management, wedding/event planning, virtual assisting, cake decorating, tutoring, creating gift baskets, photography, website management, catering, blogging, and more. Research the Internet and keep an open mind. It may take a little while to figure out what interests you and that’s okay. You can always test the waters on a small scale and see what strikes your fancy.

If you happen to be crafty and create handmade items like jewelry or clothing or have a knack for tracking down vintage and other unique finds at thrift stores, estate or yard sales, you may want consider opening an online store through an e-commerce like Etsy.

Perhaps you don’t have a desire to run a business but you have an innovative product idea, a book you want publish or an album you would like to record.  Then using a crowdfunding website like Indiegogo or Kickstarter could help you make your creative aspiration a reality.

Are you thinking of opening up your own business from home?  What resources have you found most helpful?

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