3 Best Apps for Kid Animators

Got a kiddo who’s obsessed with cartoons? While you may already know the negative effects of shoving your kid in front of the TV for hours on end, sometimes the damage is done and we just have to look at the bright side. Perhaps all that screen time will inspire your little one to become the next Disney/Miyazaki/Parker & Stone and create their own cartoons?

If you’ve got a budding animator on your hands, these apps will provide the tools they’ll need to cultivate their talents (and excuse your bad parenting): 

Creative Kids

This incredible app by Faber-Castell will bring your kiddo’s drawings to life. All you’ll need are some colored pencils, paper, and a tablet. With simple step-by-step instructions, your little one will be creating animations in no time! The app is pretty straight forward – copy the image in front of you, or even trace directly over the tablet. It’s wonderful for honing creativity and those fine motor skills. 

Animation Studio

Animation Studio is great both for animating noobs and more advanced creators. As the name implies, this app is like a full blown studio and will provide your animator with everything they need to make cartoons. Choose from multiple characters, or import your own. Add a soundtrack that will perfectly complement your video, and take things to the next level by recording your own sound effects and speech. When your creation is done, share it with everyone via Cineverse, Apple TV Airplay, and more. 

Easy Studio: Introduction to Animation

The app allows you to create simple animation scenes with easy, step-by-step instructions. Simply take snapshots, fill out the scenes, add sound effects/music/voices using the mic, and customize to your heart’s content until your movie is complete. When you’re done, sit back, relax, and press play! Your kiddos will learn all about following directions, sequencing, and utilizing geometric shapes to create designs. 

What are some of your favorite animation apps for kids? Share with us!

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