4 Awesome Apps for Little Travelers

Got a kiddo with a serious case of wanderlust? Whether you’re constantly jet setting around the globe or have yet to plan a big trip with the family, your little one can scratch that itch (for now) with some apps for travelers. Let your kiddo traverse the world in the comfort of your own home with these fun games:

Bogga Vacation

Bogga Vacation allows young travelers to take a trip anytime they please. In need of a quick vacation? This game provides you with plane tickets, a suitcase, a camera, and all the essentials you’ll need for a trip out of town. Once you get to your destination (with soothing ambient music and realistic animal noises), grab your binoculars to check out the scenery, and go on an exciting treasure hunt! After fiddling around with this app, your little one will be a pro at reading signs, maps, and planning a trip (bye bye, travel agent!).

Pico the Penguin

Let your kiddo catch the travel bug with Pico the Penguin. Join Pico as he goes on adventures all over the world – but be careful – you have to make sure he stays cool! (Seriously, why couldn’t you have traveled with a dog??) As you journey on with Pico, watch the temperature meter to make sure it’s always in the blue zone – when it rises, enlist the help of other animal friends and tap on Pico’s hat or give him a cool shower. Ever dreamed seeing a penguin ride a camel in the middle of a desert? Then this app is for you!

Sago Mini Road Trip

Dying to go on a road trip? While it’s not that easy to just drop everything and hit the road (because responsibilities), you could download Sago Mini Road Trip in under a minute and join Jinja the Cat on an unforgettable journey. Choose Jinja’s car: A pickle car? Sporty race car? Monster truck? You decide! Then pick the destination and you’re on your way. With over ten awesome vehicles and six magnificent destinations, this app offers endless fun! Zip along the road and enjoy the fun scenery chock full of vivid colors and fun animations. Feel free to explore at your own pace because unlike real life, there’s no time constraints and exorbitant gas prices.

Barefoot World Atlas

Young travelers can have the world at their fingertips with Barefoot World Atlas. This app lets kids explore different regions and countries on a 3D globe. So go ahead – check out what’s going on on the other side of the world without suffering through a torturous plane ride. Your little one will be entertained (and educated!) as they explore the Earth and learn fun facts along the way via live data. This multi-language app contains hundreds of mini videos and breathtaking photographs. You’ll even love how the music changes depending upon what region of the world you’re in. Finally, put your knowledge to the test in a variety of fun puzzles!

What are some of your favorite apps to tide kids over until your next vacation? Share with us!

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