10 Out-Of-This-World Apps for the Future Astronaut

When your child looks up at the night sky, she sees more than just the moon and stars. She sees planets to be explored, solar systems to be discovered, and her own future in this vast, final frontier. One way to encourage a love of space and science is by providing your child with entertaining, engaging, educational apps. We have gathered 10 stellar options for you to check out together:


Star Walk Kids : Astronomy for Children

One complaint parents often have about mobile devices is that they keep kids from getting outdoors. This app actually encourages children to go outside and check out the stars. When they point the phone or tablet toward the sky, the app’s built-in gyroscope follows and matches the map on the screen to the current night sky. Kids can learn about planets, constellations, and more. Best for ages 6 to 8.

Wubbzy’s Space Adventure

Fans of the Nick Jr. show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Will enjoy this app in which Wubbzy has his own astronaut adventure. The story and images incorporated into the app will keep young children absorbed while they explore the galaxy. Kids can also paint, play games, watch videos, and more. Ages 2 and up can enjoy this app.

Explorium : Space for Kids

Promising astronauts can choose to travel through space with Alex or Alice and then spin a wheel to decide where they will explore first. Exclamation points clue kids into facts about the solar system, but there’s a fun factor as well: finding crystals, a treasure chest and other hidden items that unlock mini-games, decorations, and more. Great for kids age 5 and older.

Solar Walk

Kids can explore the planets in one of two manners: they can view planets at a realistic distance, or they can view the entire solar system at once.  Zooming around the screen allows them to learn facts about each planet, moon, and star. There is also a 3D mode for those with 3D glasses. Ideal for ages 3 and up.


You simply cannot have a list of space-related apps without mentioning NASA, and this app is certainly noteworthy. It lets future astronauts discover shooting stars, track the International Space Station, and even follow real NASA tweets. Great for kids age 7 and older. 

Moon Globe HD

The moon captivates many young astronaut-wannabes because they can walk outside and see it during all of its phases. This app uses actual satellite imagery and topographic laser altimeter data to display the moon in realistic 3D. Kids can use the touchscreen features to zoom in and out, rotate and otherwise manipulate their view. Terrific for ages 4 and up.

F-Sim Space Shuttle

Does your child dream of boarding the Space Shuttle? This realistic simulator may be the next best thing. Young astronauts can experience full Earth approaches from 50,000 feet above ground level and land on John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base with varying visibility, wind, and turbulence for even more realism. Older kids will especially enjoy this app, although it is rated for ages 4 and up.

Britannica Kids: Solar System

The Encyclopædia Britannica is renowned for being an authority on virtually any subject, and the solar system is no exception. This interactive reference enables kids to learn everything they want to know about our solar system, historical astronomers, and space exploration using text and photos, videos, puzzles, quizzes, and more. Ideal for kids 8 and older.

Kids Discover Space

Along with teaching them about space, this app encourages and improves reading and comprehension abilities. Parents and teachers can download accompanying space and vocabulary lesson plans to follow up on the knowledge kids gain from reading the interactive digital magazine format. Children as young as 4 will love this app.


Experience the solar system as an astronaut would with this fantastic simulator app. Stunning, realistic visuals recreate the planets, moons, sun, stars, and even asteroids. Kids can fly along with real space flights during current and historic space missions. They can select a destination from the solar system gallery, find fascinating facts, and view rich, colorful images. Ideal for ages 4 and up.

Select apps that are appropriate for your child’s age, abilities, and interests. Then you can learn and play together, or sit back and watch as your potential astronaut zooms well beyond the final frontier.

Do you have a future astronaut on your hands? What are some of their favorite games, books, and activities?

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Nancy Melamed
Will have to check these out. My boys are currently obsessed about outer space!
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That space shuttle simulator looks amazing!