3 Educational Cartoons to Flex Your Toddler’s Pre-Math Skills

What kid doesn’t like to watch TV? And for a mom, it can serve as a convenient babysitter, right?  Admit it, you’ve been there (even though you swore that would never be you!) 

But if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t want them to just watch anything. Their time in front of the TV has to be at least a little bit worthwhile. Thank goodness there are some wonderful educational programs out there that they’ll enjoy watching. Check out our favorite cartoons that actually teach early math skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Problems Solved by a Girl and Her Cat

Enter the world of a free-spirited and energetic little girl named Peg and her cool cat.  Peg + Cat, is a cartoon where basic math concepts are used to find solutions to everyday problems. For example, in the “Messy Room” episode, Peg needs to clean up her room before her guests come over to visit. In order to do so quickly and efficiently, they start to sort her toys, clothes, and other items by shape, size, and color – recognize the pre-math activity here?

But trust us, you won’t be seeing any of the usual reluctance to get into math.  Your kids will be engrossed – it’s TV, right?  Besides, they’ll be learning to associate math with singing, fun, and an all-around good time!

Best of all, each episode explores different math problems and concepts. Your kids will also learn about measurement, patterns, volume, and a host of other topics as they accompany Peg and her cat to the farm, the circus, and even outer space! 

Illustrations are lively and unique with scenes drawn on graph paper. The female lead also helps dispel the stereotypical myth that girls aren’t good at math. And the musical score? Your kiddos will definitely have a kick singing along to the cool tunes and laughing at the funny interaction between Peg and her silly cat. So let them enjoy a half hour of this simple and quirky cartoon that won’t disappoint!

Mini Missions Fit for a Secret Agent

Get ready to go on a mission with a lovable bear on Disney’s Special Agent Oso. Each episode will help your kiddo learn how to work through everyday challenges like brushing their teeth and jumping rope. The missions are accomplished in “3 special steps” that teach kids how to break down problems into manageable pieces and tackle them one by one. So where’s the math? Oso’s adventures also take your kiddos through early math concepts such as color and shape recognition and simple problem-solving.

Oso gets your kids actively engaged in his various journeys by involving them directly in the quest and asking for help. In the process, your kiddos will definitely be working out those thinking skills. For example, Oso might ask them to distinguish the difference between top from bottom and left from right, distinguish patterns, shapes, and numerical sequences.

And that’s not all. Oso often throws in little lessons about life as well, and the importance of helping others out.  In addition to learning shape recognition, chronology, and spatial relationships, your little ones will thoroughly enjoy the show and walk away learning to be a well-mannered mathematical whiz!

Solving Math Challenges with Team Power

Go on an adventure with two adorable characters, Geo, and Milli, and their robot pal named “Bot” in Team Umizoomi. Geo has the ability to build any shape with the shape shield he wears around his body. Milli has a colorful dress used to match patterns, plus her pig tails can also turn into measuring tape or other helpful items when needed.  Bot provides the intellect that is needed to accomplish the task, and he directly engages viewers with problems to solve. Together, they use their unique skills and other math concepts to complete their tasks.

In each episode, a real life child calls Team Umizoomi through Bot’s belly, where he has a live TV that they can view.  The child will have a problem or situation that they need help with, and the trio will then travel into Umicity to find the solution. 

As a member of the team, your little one will be asked to identify which numbers are greater or smaller and will learn other basic math concepts along the way. Team Umizoomi is a great show that calls on your little one to become an Umifriend with their very own mighty math powers.  The show is smart, funny, engaging, and educational. It’s a must see!

Does your little one have a favorite educational cartoon and just can’t get enough?  Share your top TV picks with us!

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