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So your kiddos are all about the STEM – so much so they just can’t get enough of it.  If your children love science and technology, and you’re finding it more and more difficult to keep up with their pace, then feed their inquisitive minds online.  There are a number great websites for science-minded kids.  Whether your child is looking to explore the Earth, the universe, the human body, or motion and physics – or simply has a burning question in mind – there is something for everyone.

Ask Dr. Universe

This is an unusual but interesting site run by Washington State University, where children can address all their science questions to Dr. Wendy Sue Universe, who happens to be a very intelligent animated cat in a lab coat.  Wendy Sue’s knowledge apparently knows no bounds: kids write to her about all sorts of science questions and you can read both the published questions and answers on the site – or ask your own!

Bill Nye the Science Guy

The official site of Bill Nye the Science Guy is, unsurprisingly, a treasure trove of information for all things science.  This broad-ranging site covers physical, Earth, and life science in all its aspects. There is plenty of information to explore, plus a wide list of at-home science projects you can do with simple, everyday objects!  The site also has an extensive suggested reading list of science books written for children.

Discovery Kids

Calling all dino geeks, animal lovers, space cadets, and just plain old science fiends . . . If you’re into videos and games (who isn’t!) and love to learn more about your favorite science- focused topics, this site is for you.  With games, apps, book recommendations, and countless awesome articles, there’s plenty to feed your kiddo’s curiosity.  Build your own roller coaster and get to know physics.  Explore the inside of a volcano, travel to the outer reaches of space, rack up those in-depth facts, and bust a few myths along the way.  You won’t mind if your kiddo spends countless hours on this site!


This site has won practically every award out there for excellent educational content . . . and after one visit, we think you’ll agree with the judges.  Here, your kids can explore everything that makes science and math AMAZING – and really work out those critical thinking skills in the process.  Your kids can create Simple Machines and go down the path to engineering, play doctor with Virtual Knee Surgery, or Stem Cell Heart Repair.  Incredibly intelligent games for smart, science-minded kiddos.

Energy Kids

Have a would-be conservationist on your hands?  If your little one is all about how to make things go – and how to do it well – this government-sponsored site is a fun find.  You’ll discover loads of information on energy basics – from what it is to how to measure it.  Kids can explore energy sources and the importance of conservation.  Plus, there are games for the kids and additional resources for the adults.

NASA Kids’ Club

Is your kiddo all about outer space? If so, it’s time to introduce him to some real, live astronauts via this kid-friendly website from NASA.  This site will take kids into the deepest reaches of outer space as they learn about space exploration, astronomy, and technology. Interactive pages like Go to the Head of the Solar System and Peculiar Pluto are sure to please.

National Geographic Kids

Want to take your child around the globe – without even leaving home? Then check out the children’s section of the National Geographic website, which is a fountain of information on wildlife biology, Earth science, habitat studies, and of course, geography!  Its games and activities will spark your children’s imagination and make them even more curious about the world around them. 


From the American Museum of Natural History, comes Ology – a site where kids can play with science.  From anthropology to archeology, genetics, microbiology, paleontology, and zoology – you pretty much have the range of science subjects here.  Each area of study has content organized into different categories like See It (videos), Interviews, Make It, Quizzes, and more.  Kids can listen to the sounds of the Silk Road, investigate the Incas of the ancient city of Petra, learn about biodiversity, experiment with DNA, or create a Mesozoic Museum.  There’s lots to explore, and loads to tinker with.

PBS Kids Dragonfly 

Love everything PBS but you’re always disappointed when the programming stops?  Here, you can explore all the great science programming you find on PBS’s Dragonfly TV plus games, experiments, science fair projects, and scientist profiles.  Your child can navigate through interesting content related to the human body, Earth and space, living things, matter and motion, and technology.  Or visit the nanosphere and click on one of the dancing topics and just see where science takes you.

PEEP and the Big Wide World

For the toddler scientist in the family, this site is full of age-appropriate games and videos.  Tykes can explore a variety of simple scientific topics for preschoolers from the way things move to sound, animals and plants, and light and color.  Plus, there are pre-math topics including numbers, measuring, shapes, and patterns.  Friendly and lovable characters make the learning fun and memorable.


Ranger Rick

What childhood would be complete without the iconic Ranger Rick? This site is under the auspices of the National Wildlife Federation and is one of the best sites for children interested in wildlife and learning about the Earth’s amazing habitats.  It’s full of games and apps to learn more about the natural world – and about what kids can do to help save it.  It also has some great resources listed for parents and educators to help reinforce what children have learned.

Steve Spangler Science

If your kiddo can’t get enough hands-on experimenting at home, the site has got to be your go-to resource.  With easy-to-do activities using simple materials, the site allows children to make discoveries in all fields of science.  Plus, Steve Spangler offers up a wide range of fun products for purchase, under his own brand.  So if you’ve ever wanted to make fake snow in summer, try out a soda pop geyser, get your own slime kit, or sign up for a cool science-themed subscription service, a visit is definitely in order.  You just gotta love the guy for being so dedicated to teaching kids science.

The Smithsonian

Since the Smithsonian is one of the largest complexes of museums and research facilities in the world, it’s not so surprising that their site for kids should be so amazing.  Visitors here can take a virtual tour of the National Zoo via live animal cams, learn about inventors and technology from interactive exhibits from the Lemelson Center, and explore the universe with the Air and Space Museum – all without leaving the living room!

Time for Kids

Geared for elementary school kids, the site presents newsworthy items in a kid-friendly way.  The science section will have your kids in the know when it comes to cool facts on new space technology, in-depth information on cancer, a close look at great apes or octopi, and so on.  The articles are informative yet easy to read and include a nice amount of Time-quality photography to keep your kids engaged.  The Kid Reporter section is worth a peek, and there are plenty of photos and videos for visual learners.

Do you have science fiends at home?  What resources do you use to feed their curious minds?

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