4 Clean Romance Novels Teens Will Adore

You want to encourage your teen’s fondness of reading, but you are concerned about the contents of some of the books. Many teens get caught up in the allure of dreamy romance novels. While there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about first love or swooning over the idea of the perfect relationship, you would rather your teenager wasn’t exposed to the adult aspects that often go hand-in-hand with romance novels.

While it is difficult to shield your child from all explicit content, you can have an impact by offering books that are sweet, romantic, and clean. When a novel has a compelling storyline, relatable characters, and powerful chemistry, your teen will happily dive in and read from cover to cover.

The following books are appropriate for teens of all ages. In fact, there is no law that says moms can’t sneak a read, either. Pick up or download a couple and trade off with your teen for a delightful (and clean) escape from reality:


by Jerry Spinelli

Unlike the majority of teen romance novels, the protagonist of this book is a male named Leo. The year he turns 12, Leo’s family moves from Pennsylvania to Arizona, which prompts his uncle to give him a porcupine necktie for good luck. The tie is the first of what becomes a collection throughout Leo’s life.

Fast forward to high school when Leo encounters new girl Susan who goes by the nickname “Stargirl”. The nonconformist dresses in wildly outrageous outfits, plays the ukulele, and cheers for both teams at sports games. The popular kids – Hillari Kimble in particular – shun and spread rumors about their unusual classmate.

After an unexpected rise to popularity, Leo falls fast and hard for Stargirl. When she just as quickly loses this status, he becomes embarrassed by her. She tries to change to please him, but in the end decides that it is more important to be true to herself. 

Maid Marian: A Novel

by Elsa Watson

Everyone knows at least one version of the story of Robin Hood, but how many people have viewed it through the eyes of his one true love?

Teens who love fantasy and historical fiction will be captivated by the tale of Maid Marian.

Beginning with her parents’ deaths, leaving her a wealthy orphan, the story quickly moves on to her arranged (and in-name only) marriage at the tender age of five.

Once her “husband” dies, the 17-year-old finds herself a prosperous widow and ward of King Richard the Lionheart. The king’s mother takes it upon herself to arrange a suitable second marriage for Marian, but that’s not what she wants. In order to thwart the queen’s plans, she hires none other than the notorious Robin Hood.

To her amazement, the so-called horrible thief is charming, handsome, and endearing. Teens will be taken with the romantic relationship that unfolds in this novel. 

The Geography of You and Me 

by Jennifer E. Smith

As this novel opens, teens Lucy and Owen are complete strangers with one thing in common:  They are both riding an elevator in a New York City apartment building. Then a blackout hits and they find themselves stuck between floors together.

Once they are rescued, they opt to spend the rest of the night exploring the city streets during the power outage. As they share their stories, each learns the other is soon moving away: Lucy to Edinburgh, and Owen to the west coast.

As the novel progresses, chapters switch between the lives of the love-struck teens who try to maintain and foster a relationship through postcards, emails, and an eventual reunion. Teens will root for the burgeoning romance, hoping against hope that Lucy and Owen’s love will beat the odds.

There You’ll Find Me 

by Jenny B. Jones

Finley Sinclair needs to compose an audition piece for an audition with the Manhattan Music Conservatory, but her creativity seemed to die when her brother Will was killed in Afghanistan. She opts to travel to Ireland – where Will had said he felt closest to God – to study abroad, hoping to rediscover her muse.

On the flight there, she encounters Hollywood heartthrob Beckett Rush, who is filming a movie on the Emerald Isle. Finley is unfazed by the celebrity, which only causes him to be intrigued. He hires her to be his assistant during filming.

As Finley learns that there is much more to Beckett than his boyish good looks and infamous reputation, her barriers begin to break down. Simultaneously, she struggles with the deep grief she feels regarding the loss of her brother and the continuing inability to reclaim her creativity and talent.

Teens will be drawn in by the romance between the movie star and the reluctant everyday girl. The multi-faceted characters will keep them turning pages as well.

With engaging combinations of adventure, tragedy, excitement and romance, your teen will enjoy reading any or all of these worthwhile books.

What are some of your teen’s favorite (clean!) romance novels? Share with us!

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