5 Amazing Book-Making Apps for the Kid Author

Some kids seem to be born with their noses in a book. Others have a knack for waxing poetic. Still others simply need something that will help them with class writing projects. For these kids, writing and book-making apps are a load of fun.

There are a ton of book-making apps out there but to save you some time, we’ve done the legwork and compiled our favorites – some are so sophisticated that you could use them to write and publish a legitimate book (!), while others are simple enough for the youngest writer.

Book Creator

Writers of any age can make a variety of book types using Book Creator on their tablets. In fact, the app is recommended for kids as young as four years old. Suitable for use in the classroom or at home, kids can create picture books, art books, standard e-books, and even comic books.

Young authors can customize the book shape, text, images, and more. When their work is complete, they can publish their books and make them available in the iBooks Store or Google Play. In addition, the first book published is free (and always free for classroom use).

Book Creator One is available for free on all versions of the iPad (to try the app and create one book) with an in-app purchase required to make unlimited books and comics.


Feature-rich BookPress is ideal for creating books and writing stories on the iPad. You can begin using files stored on the device, which is ideal for kids who journal or write short stories on their iPads regularly. In addition, you can edit your work on the iPad or online using a secure website, making the process more accessible and protected.

Once you’ve finished writing, editing, and rewriting, share your books on social media, or even order hard or softcover published versions of their books. The books are readable in iBooks and on other e-book readers as well.

Download this free app in the iTunes app store.

Book Writer

Kids (and parents) who want to make multimedia books on their iPhones or iPads need look no further than the Book Writer 2 app. Not only can users type text, but they can also insert photos and videos, add music or narration, and even draw right in the book.

The interface is highly intuitive, featuring several types of templates, drag-and-drop options, and the ability to add content stored on the device or directly from the camera or microphone. Kids will quickly grasp the writing and editing process, encouraging them to write a book that is loaded with extras. Completed works can be published on iBooks or shared via iTunes, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other methods.

The free app can be downloaded from iTunes.

Story Buddy 2

Another highly intuitive and easy to use book-writing app, Story Buddy 2 appeals to children of all ages, but is especially pleasing to younger kids. Although at first blush, this app may seem more basic than others that offer dozens of tools and options, the simplicity of this program makes the book creation process more straightforward. This allows young authors to focus more on the contents of the book than the publication itself.

Kids can incorporate written text along with images, drawings, and audio recordings. Writers can publish their completed books as PDF files or in ePub format, making it easy to share with everyone.

Download Story Buddy 2 from the iTunes app store for less than $5.


With a fun name like Scribble, you just know this has to be a cute app. Kids who love picture books, comic books, and other graphic-laden publications will appreciate all that this program has to offer.

First, kids choose from one of dozens of themes, with categories such as Animals or Fairy Tales and Titles including Wizard School and Mixed up Pet. Next, they write their story following a fill-in-the-blank template. Using ready-made backgrounds, drawing tools, or “stickers,” they can create professional yet unique looking illustrations. In addition, they can add their own photos and voice narration. In addition, multiple children can use the app on a single tablet, making it a great classroom or homeschool teaching tool.

Scribble is available on both iTunes and Google Play for less than $5. 

What are some of your favorite writing/book-making apps? Share with us!

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