5 Baby Swings & Suspended Cradles Perfect for Snoozing or Just Hanging Out

Rock-a-bye baby is a classic lullaby but nobody wants the cradle to fall, so we found some of the best-made hammocks and swings on the market and rounded them up for you. One of of the most essential things when looking for baby furniture is not only how it’s made, but why it’s made. When a company puts care and love into it product to ensure that its structurally and environmentally safe, that’s going to be one we love. Plus, these picks are gorgeous.

Hang a Hammock Collective Cradle

The Hang a Hammock Collective Cradle is a boho beauty made for newborn babies up to 20 months old. This absolutely dreamy handmade cradle is 100% cotton rope with a mattress and cover that are both handmade too. Its swaying motion mimics those nine months spent in the womb and helps prevent reflux and colic. Suspended from the ceiling (always hang from a secure beam), the crib is gently sent into a rocking motion whenever the baby wiggles. The slight rocking movement will calm your little one and send them off to Dreamland.

Elenfhant Swing Chair

Designed to grow with your baby, this sleek and modern Elenfhant Swing Chair easily converts from a baby to a toddler swing when your little one is around three years old. The sturdy canvas and wood combo is suitable for babies from approximately six months old (from when they can sit up unaided) to roughly six years old! Its timeless design and classic colors make it a perfect complement to your home or garden décor. With its long life, Elenfhant Swing is a great value. Plus it is made of hemp— which has twice the tensile strength of cotton.

Woodly “Roll” Suspended Bassinet

The Woodly Roll is a suspended cradle that swings and bounces, allowing your baby to sleep easily thanks to its natural motion. The cradle doesn’t just swing in a single direction back and forth. Instead, it has a fuller range of motion which is random and soft, mimicking movements inside its mother’s belly. A birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt for total comfort. The bed is made of cotton and biological spelt husks that provide a natural anti-suffocating function. Four strong cotton ropes join together in a central wood ring connected to a hook which you can suspend it from the ceiling. (Or you can hang it using the Woodly tripod – sold separately – which looks something like a tipi!)

Hang a Hammock Baby Swing Chair

Crafted in Nicaragua by local artisans, the Hang a Hammock Collective Baby Swing Chair is made entirely of cotton thread and sustainable wood. Each and every Swing Chair is signed by its artist. The macramé details on these pieces are both stunning and sturdy. The swing can be used inside or outside, hung from a beam or a bough. Be sure to bring it in if it's raining to preserve its appearance. Its lightweight and compact profile makes it easily transportable. Use only for babies who can hold their heads us with full neck and body support.

Hussh Flex Cradle

The Hussh hanging cradle (formerly Kindekeklein) both swings and bounces, which help your little one fall asleep effortlessly. Your baby can sleep day and night in this suspended cradle until the age of about 7 to 9 months, both indoors and outdoors. The Flex cradle can be clicked quite easily out of the ropes and placed on its short legs. Thanks to the shortness of the legs, the cradle can be put down on a table, on the floor, or the ground.

Considering a baby swing or hammock? Which one is your pick?

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