5 Calendar Apps to Help Your Kids Manage Time & Projects

You feel like a broken record, but you know that if you don’t constantly remind your kids about planned activities or school project deadlines, they’ll never be on time for anything. You don’t want to nag and you worry that they might never learn to be self-reliant and responsible. One thing they never forget to do, it seems, is check their mobile devices. Why not use their current habits to help instill new, productive ones?

One way to do so is by loading time management and scheduling apps onto your children’s phones, tablets, and other tech devices. We have scoured the web and discovered a handful of helpful apps with a variety of tools and features. Whether they’re mastering elementary school or preparing to head off to college, your child will stay on top of things with these time management apps:

First-Then Visual Schedule

Some kids grasp visual cues better than written or audio instructions. For these children, an app such as the First-Then Visual Schedule is ideal. You can set up several routines, each with multiple steps. For instance, a morning routine might include getting dressed, washing up, eating breakfast, and brushing teeth, so kids know what they do first, then next, and so on.

You can choose from preset routines or set up custom steps. Each step in a schedule includes basic text along with a large image. You can select a stock photo, upload your own picture or even search Google for the perfect image. Even pre-readers and kids with special communication needs can use this simple yet valuable app.

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, you can download this app from iTunes for around $10. Find out more on the Good Karma App website.


Older kids will appreciate the many features offered by the inClass schedule and organization app. Students can add each of their classes to plan the entire semester. They can select the course type, enter a location or room number, type in the teacher’s name and choose the start and end time for each class.

Once they have added classes, students can enter tasks for each one such as homework and special projects with reminder alarms that help kids remember to complete their assignments on time. In addition, users can take a variety of multimedia notes, including text, audio, video, or photos.

This free app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download it from iTunes or learn more at Learning Works for Kids.

Remember the Milk

Both kids and parents can benefit from this handy app with a memorable name. The Smart Add feature makes it easy to enter new tasks to schedule and includes places for details such as the due date, priority, and repeat, if applicable.

Users can make as many lists as they need and organize them using colorful tags. They can also create sublists, which is especially helpful for projects and long term responsibilities. Once tasks are added to lists, they can opt to receive reminders via email, text, IM, Twitter, or their mobile apps.

An additional benefit of this tool is that there are so many ways to access it. You can use it online, on a desktop, on iOS, Android or Blackberry phones; iOS, Android, or Kindle tablets; on smartwatches, and even using Microsoft Outlook. Learn more on the Remember the Milk website.


Some children require a bit of motivation in order to complete tasks in a timely manner. Start with a parent profile and then add your child, link their iPhone, and then set up a weekly schedule. Tasks are assigned daily for which they can accumulate points.

You define the rewards they can earn with their points. You can also offer treats or other items your child commonly asks for such as dessert or screen time, and allow them to “spend” their points on these goodies. Kids can easily view their own progress, and you can keep tabs from your phone as well.

This free iPhone app is available on iTunes.


Kids in middle school, high school, and college can stay on top of their workload with this time management app. First, your child will add each of his classes to the app including times and days of the week.

On the Homework tab, kids can add individual assignments with details such as the teacher who assigned it, a description and notes about the homework, the date that it is due, its priority level, and whether they want a reminder for the project. They can browse assignments by class, priority, or type, as well.

This free app is available for virtually every device and platform, including phones, tablets, and laptops running iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. Check out all that it has to offer on the myHomework App website.

What are some of your favorite time management apps for kids? Share with us!

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Tania Mashti
The only downside to this is that you have to get your kid a phone and I'm holding out as long as possible on that
Amy Mori
OMG yes!! My middle schooler is always flustered with due dates
Sonia Gushman
Would it be overkill if I had my daughter use all of these? I think she might be beyond help : (