5 Feng Shui Tips for Calmer, More Centered Kids

Children with centered chis are better sleepers, students, and citizens, according to experts in the art of feng shui furniture arrangement. Feng shui is an ancient practice which originated in China, and has remained evergreen in popularity. It’s a system of guidelines for governing spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the favorable flow of energy, and some people swear by it.

When it comes to children’s chambers, it’s not just about the bed and desk; there’s even more to take into account when considering the young mind and how it takes personal space into account.

Mattress Matters

Where your child’s bed is placed will help promote a good night’s sleep. Experts say the bed should be positioned so that they can see the door, with the headboard against a far wall. This way, they can see who’s coming in and will feel safe from surprises.

Furthermore, boys should be placed in the east or north bedrooms and girls should be placed in the south or southeast or west bedrooms. If that’s not possible, then pointing the bed toward a window with a view is second-best.

It’s also important to keep space free on the sides of the bed and to have plenty of “air” all around (except at the head). That’s why bunk beds are not ideal; because the child on top will sleep too close to the ceiling and their energy may be compressed. If possible, hang mobiles above the bed to allow chi (energy) circulation.

Happy Faces Make for Happy Places

Putting a picture of smiling mom and dad on the nightstand beside the bed subtly speaks to the prominence of the parents as heads of the household. If you’re a single mom or dad, place a pic of you and your child sharing a lovely moment in the place where it can easily be seen upon going to sleep and waking up. This creates a calming energy throughout the room.

Color Me Cool and Calm

Pastels are best, and even better with two colors to balance yin and yang. Soft hazy blues, greens, yellows, or pinks create the most calming atmosphere. Avoid neon bright colors, and dank darks. Busy wallpaper can be over-stimulating. (Also, the room should be dark at night, so that the flow of the brain’s natural sleep aid – melatonin – is not impeded.)

Clutter Creates Chaos

Get a toy chest and place it at the foot of the bed. Kids should put all their playthings away before sleepy-time, otherwise the remnants of activity will filter into their subconscious and keep them awake.

Experts also say stashing stuff under the bed is a no-no, as it traps energy and disrupts sleep. Cluttered closets are equally subliminally stifling.

Homework Habitat

If at all possible, youngsters should not do homework in their bedroom. The bedroom is for sleep and relaxation. However, if it’s unavoidable, the desk should not be placed facing a wall. Either point it toward a window with a nice view, or facing out toward the door.

Display awards, trophies, ribbons, tests with good scores, and letters from teachers and community leaders where your child can see them. This will encourage good work to continue.

How do you organize your kids’ rooms to promote a positive flow of energy? Share your feng shui tips with us!

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