#FollowFriday: Minimalist Moms Who Prove Less Is More

You know the old saying “less is more” – well, some families are taking this idea to the next level. If you need 600 sq. ft. just to store your strollers and shoes, then perhaps minimalist living isn’t for you. But we simply could not get enough of these small-space trendsetters, who seem to be doing it all and more, inside homes a hobbit might find cramped:


Alison Mazurek: “Living small in Vancouver with a toddler and a baby.”

Alison’s two children get their space when they’re in the great outdoors, playing and exploring the wide world. But when they are inside, they love to cuddle close together – the sweet photos on Alison’s IG prove that a smaller living space is not less-than. Alison has a blog about how she makes furniture fit, and she goes beyond that to sharing advice on everything from baby’s cribs to where to store keys. (Helpful even for those of us who spread out over 600SF.)


Kayla + Ben + Jessamyn: Colorado / Wanderers / Dreamers / I Life in 200 square feet #lovelywanderings

Kayla, Ben and Jessamyn will soon be a family of four, but in the meantime they are making the most of their 200SF RV / home thanks to Ben’s carpentry skills (he recently handmade custom bunk beds for their snug abode) and Kayla’s flair for “TinyStyle” décor. She shares cute pics showing the trials and tribulations of tiny-living, including a recent snap of the baby grinning, and half-dressed because “It’s laundry day!”


Whitney Leigh Morris: “The Tiny Canal Cottage™ Life in a tiny home-office in Venice, California”

Incandescent light, hazy ivory drapery, and soft white sofas… and a baby and two dogs! Somehow, Whitney keeps everything sparkling and stunning in her pint-sized bungalow on the canal in Venice, CA. “You don’t have to live large to live beautifully,” is the Morris motto. Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband Adam, their son West, and two rescue beagles, Stubs and Soph all coexist in the stunning 1920's Craftsman-style house and the images are not only a joy to see, Whitney’s captions capture the spirit of their everyday life.


Kate Oliver: “Mama + Wife | Writer • Artist • Traveler | Vintage Airstream Dweller + Renovator”

We love the sweet messiness of Kate’s vintage airstream… we see inviting unmade beds, cups of half-drank coffee, and stacks of papers and mail. You know, the real, honest, everyday stuff. But what sets Kate’s IG apart is her keen eye for composition, often with a birds-eye view (we love reading over her daughter Adelaide’s shoulder).

Would you live in a 600 sq ft. space? Who are some minimalist IG moms you love? Share your favorites with us!

Cover image via The Modern Caravan

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