5 Healthy, Homemade Popsicle Recipes Perfect for Summer

Ah, popsicles – simple and understated, yet loved by everyone. They’re perfect for cooling down on the porch on a hot, summer afternoon or as a summer treat at the kitchen table.

Popsicles are so easy to love and easy to make at home. Store-bought varieties are loaded with sugar, artificial colors, and other stuff you don’t want in your child’s body. Making them yourself allows you to choose every ingredient and feel good about letting your kiddos enjoy them. Plus they’re super easy to whip up.

Wondering how to make healthy frozen popsicles? Whether you prefer making old school freezer pops or fast-freezing treats in trendy gadgets, we have collected a roundup of delicious, healthy popsicle recipes. Check out these frosty desserts recipes that your whole family can help make and savor without guilt:

Vanilla Bean Matcha

If you had to pick a universal flavor, vanilla would be a pretty safe bet. Lovers of rich, sweet chocolate and those who prefer lighter or fruity flavors can usually meet in the middle and agree on the taste of vanilla.

Mild, creamy vanilla is the perfect balance for stronger, earthy matcha. Elaine Gordon of Eating by Elaine combines these two blissful flavors with avocado to create a creamy, dreamy, and totally unique homemade popsicle recipe. With just a touch of real maple syrup for sweetness, these easy homemade popsicles with a fun, all-natural green tint may become a favorite in your freezer.

Roasted Berry and Honey Yogurt

If you’ve never roasted berries, you don’t know what you are missing. Roasting blueberries, strawberries, and other small, juicy fruits concentrates their scrumptious flavors, brings out their natural sweetness, and creates a yummy, jam-like sauce in the process.

Kathryne Taylor of Cookie + Kate roasts a heavenly combo of blueberries and raspberries to add to her Greek yogurt-based popsicle recipe. The red, white, and blue treats are perfect for an Independence Day cookout and appetizing enough to make just because. Don’t let the idea of roasting the berries put you off. It is easy to do and so worth the effort.

Strawberry Lemonade

There’s something so refreshing about lemonade, and adding strawberry makes it almost decadent. Unfortunately, the kind you get from the grocery store or your favorite fast casual restaurant –even though it is totally yum—is laden with artificial dyes, corn syrup and other not-so-fun ingredients.

That’s okay, though, because you know that when life hands you lemons (and strawberries), you can make strawberry lemonade. Why not take it another step and transform the drink into lip-smacking popsicles? Maryea Flaherty did just that and shares her healthier popsicle recipe on her blog, Happy Healthy Mama. This is one of the easiest healthy popsicle recipes, as well. Three ingredients, a blender, and you are all set.

Mixed Summer Fruit

If you have are unfamiliar with the term, agua frescas are fresh fruit drinks popular in Mexico as well as American communities influenced by Mexican culture. Often served out of large barrels, these drinks are bright, delicious, and 100% refreshing.

These thirst-quenching beverages inspired Melissa Fenlon when she concocted her homemade fruit popsicle recipe for DIY blog Alice + Lois. By incorporating three blended, summery fresh fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple) in alternating layers, she creates frozen treats that are as fun to look at as they are tasty to devour.

Peanut Butter Swirled Chocolate Fudge

When a dessert is both wholesome and lusciously indulgent, everyone wins. The next time you’re craving something rich and chocolaty, treat yourself and your family to these divinely delicious and surprisingly nutritious pops.

Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest mixes healthy ingredients such as bananas, cacao, and coconut milk to make the base for these sweet popsicles. But wait, it gets even better! She layers the velvety chocolate mixture in the popsicle molds with peanut butter, adds a layer of crunchy homemade granola and, once frozen, dips the frozen fudgies into even more chocolate and sprinkles on a little more granola. You will almost feel naughty eating these.

All of these easy homemade popsicles let you indulge your kiddos (and yourself) any time. The fact that you use natural, wholesome ingredients is an added bonus. What is your family’s favorite popsicle flavor?

Cover image via Cookie + Kate

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