6 Products Made by Moms that Solve Your Everyday Problems

By Nikki M

Ever had those moments as a mom when you thought:

“If someone invented a portable baby bed that doesn’t take up the whole trunk, life would be good…”

or “Imagine if there was a storage solution for kids’ toys that would make cleaning up a breeze? My sanity would improve by 200%… ”

or “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a pacifier that magically retracted when it falls so I don’t have to wash it every single time…”

These moms actually took the initiative to turn their ideas into real-life products...and they are good! Designed by moms who understand us, these products are tried-and-tested by their own kiddos, so you know they really work.

Here are some nifty mom-made things we love:

Gathre Picnic & Play Mats

It’s slim pickings when it comes to a proper picnic mat. Old towels are just too embarrassing to bust out, synthetic mats are sweaty and unattractive, and beautiful Pendleton blankets are just too heavy and high maintenance...not to mention crazy expensive.

After washing the millionth picnic blanket her toddler had spilled on one summer, Utah mom Merillee thought, “Why not make a wipeable blanket for the modern mom...in leather?!”. With the help of her friend Jessica and many hours spent in a garage folding mats, Gathre was born.

Gathre offers beautiful bonded leather mats that are waterproof and stain resistant. They’re perfect for picnics, beach days, and all sorts of adventures. The mats come in two sizes – medium and large – and in a selection of beautiful, muted colors.

Swoop Toy Bags

All parents know of the excruciating pain of stepping on a LEGO... but only one mom decided that enough is enough and actually did something about it.

Inspired by a bag that her grandma made in the 70s, mother and saint Sarah Kirk came up with Swoop Bags, a playmat with a drawstring that swoops everything up neatly when you’re done playing. It’s a great way to contain LEGOs, bristle blocks, metal jacks, marbles, and other torture devices toys during playtime… and it makes cleanup a cinch!

ToteSavvy Diaper Bag Alternative

You’ve already given up heels during pregnancy… and now you have to sacrifice your handbags too?

Mom Lauren, founder and CEO of ToteSavvy, wanted to utilize her favorite handbags and retain her sense of style while staying organized with her newborn baby. The solution: Pocket inserts that can transform any bag into a diaper bag. GENIUS!

ToteSavvy inserts comes with 11 pockets, so you can have easy access to your diapers, wipes, milk bottle, phone, pacifier, snacks, toys, and everything else you need without things getting lost in the black hole that is your handbag. It’s made with a durable, waterproof nylon material that’s easy to clean. It even comes with a key clasp and a compact changing mat!

KiwiCo. Craft Kits

If you’ve ever spent time on Pinterest, you’ll know that crafts and science experiments fall into 2 camps: A. Beautiful yet overly complicated and require a hundred materials, or B. Ugly as sin.

Mother of 3 Sandra Oh Lin knows the struggle. She launched KiwiCo., a company that delivers themed subscription boxes that makes arts & crafts and science experiments a breeze. A team of creative designers come up with projects that are developmentally appropriate and enriching, and kid experts test them all out to make sure everything is fun, engaging, and works well!

Simply pick out the crate for your kid’s age group. Depending on which Crate sign you go for, you can get projects like DIY Arcades, Fun with Flight, Ink Wash Painting, Color Blocked Candles, Hydraulic Claws, and Fiber Optic Stars (!!!). Each kit comes with high quality materials, step-by-step instructions, and a zine with additional activities and fun facts. Happy crafting!

DockATot Portable Crib

You know that stage when you’re baby’s not quite mobile, and you need to put them down somewhere so they can chill without getting bored? An infant car seat is too restrictive... A mat on the floor isn’t so cozy… and a pack n’ play is just ridiculous… You need something that’s versatile, portable, and comfortable!

Swedish mom Lisa Furuland came up with DockATot, a multifunctional mattress that’s perfect for sleeping, tummy time, changing diapers, bed transitioning and more. The DockATot is made with a breathable mattress covered in a high-quality, eco-friendly fabric (all parts are fully washable!), and side handles for easy transport. So simple, yet so damn brilliant!

The Pop Pacifier from Doddle & Co.

If your little one is hooked on a pacifier, you know the nightmare of going out with one and having it drop on the ground making you frantically run around for a place to wash it while your baby screams their head off and everyone looks at you with lots of head shaking and tsk tsks and judgement.

Moms Nicki and Janna decided to use their mastery of marketing and Industrial Design to bring us products that make day-to-day parenting easier. They’ve created The Pop, aka The Cleaner Pacifier, which does this incredible thing where the nipple pops in a self-protective bubble when it drops. This is engineering at its finest. JUST LOOK: 

What are some cool/crazy products you’ve dreamt up to make mom life easier? (Promise we won’t steal your ideas!) Share with us!

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