The Desert is Trending: Southwestern Style for Kids

Southwestern chic is trending right now, and we love it – characterized by its earth-tone tints, touchable textures, and brightly-colored woven fabrics, this down-to-earth décor and wearable art showcases a traditional palette of cactus green, adobe red, and desert-toned neutral hues reminiscent of terracotta. Blasts of bright sun-yellow, dusty orange, and precious turquoise are also prevalent here. We’ve rounded up a herd of must-haves ranging from toddler teepees to mini-moccs – so check it out!

Plantillo: Succulent Pillow

This pillow looks prickly but it’s plush as can be. Made to order, this succulent image is custom-printed on cotton canvas. On the back of the pillow, artisan Sabine Hermann uses a beautiful, thick linen and a red or cream-colored decorative stitch along the seam line. The pillows look three-dimensional because of their shape, but the fabric is a 2-D realistic print, and they come in several Southwestern styles, including pine cone, agave, leaf, and flower.

Apple White: Tooth Fairy Teepee Pillow

This is a pretty, and pretty unique, bit of décor: Open the tiny secret door to this tooth fairy teepee and you will find the tiniest of pockets for the tiniest of teeth. Inside the door and in the pocket your child will find a tiny poem to leave for the tooth fairy asking her to make a trade for the lost tooth. This teepee is made from modern designer cactus cotton fabric in cream with navy, pink, mint and yellow saguaro cacti. There are twine “poles” poking out of the top for a bit of whimsy.

Goodnight Light: Cactus Lamp

The Cactus Lamp brings an exotic botanical feel to any space or kids’ room. Designer Eva Newton’s inspiration was partially Frida Kahlo’s artwork and partially the Nopal Cactus, whose vivid flowers and colorful structure stands out on even the dustiest plains of Mexico. This prickly pear produces a warming desert glow, and its delightful design makes for a must-have decorative object. It’s available in four hues.

Izzy and Ferd: Pecos Bill Clothing Collection

The folks at Izzy & Ferd believe in the power of clothes to tell stories. That’s why every kidswear line tells a tall tale of discovery and adventure, and this one, Pecos Bill, is inspired by the greatest cowboy that ever rode: Pecos was raised by coyotes, lassoed a tornado, and rode it all over Texas. Kids will love the soft fabric, comfortable fit, and especially the wild, bold, and colorful prints.

Ohongs Design Studio: Teepee / Cactus Decals

These sleek and stylish yet adorable Teepee, Cactus, Arrow Mixed wall decal set will add a special touch to your home and kiddie-cave. Best of all, these wallpaper slicks can be easily applied or removed, leaving no residue whatsoever on your walls and the individual vinyls can be arranged however you please. The strips are matte finish (except for the gold, silver, copper accents; they are metallic) and can even go on windows.

Little Pine Outfitters: Baby Moccs

These marvelous moccasins are made from soft, chrome-free vegetable-tanned leather with elastic around the ankle to keep them secure on your tot’s tootsies. The leather used to make the moccs is allergen-free and safe for the environment, making them the perfect first shoe. Each pair of baby moccs are hand-cut and sewn individually, in keeping with Little Pine Outfitter’s green state of mind: no mass-production or warehouses.

birdmafia: Bison Pillow

This American bison pillow is an awesome addition to any sofa, bed, or cozy chair. It looks great in a Southwestern styled casa, kid’s room, or any spot in need of a cool conversation piece. This hand-designed bison was first cut from paper with an X-Acto knife before being burned into a screen and printed. Then it’s hand-printed in mustard yellow, black, or burnt orange water-based ink on white 100% American Made Brand cotton. The back side is gray 100% American Made Brand cotton and the pillow is filled with hypoallergenic eco-friendly fiberfill. It measures 15 x 12 inches (38 x 30.5 cm).

Katahdin Nooks: Teepee Toys

Katahdin Nooks makes a variety of teepees from toddler to toy sized, as well as wee wooden dolls. Display them in the baby’s room with Mini Nooks which have three sides and stand about 12 inches tall and about 5 inches at the base. They add a perfect touch to any little space.

Gunna Ydri: Native American Indian Doll

These Native American Indian Dolls are handmade by Gunna Ydri. This Etsy listing is for one cute Native American doll (mini cushion) with brown hair. It’s screen-printed on an off-white organic cotton and measures 32 cm x 15 cm (without the feather, which is stitched onto the doll), and is stuffed with polyester filling. The reverse is plain off-white cotton.

The Woven Dream Factory: Dreamcatcher

This delightful, large dreamcatcher wall hanging is a stunning statement of bohemian décor flair. In folklore, the dreamcatcher is meant to capture bad dreams in its web, allowing only the good ones to get through. In some Native American cultures, it is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web, and sometimes has sacred items such as feathers or beads. Unlike a mass-produced item, this beauty is imbued with magnetic energy of a handmade, carefully-crafted element – perfect for the boho bedroom.

Lime Wall Decor: Removable Cactus Wallpaper

These large fresco-style wallpapers can transform your walls into a southwestern landscape when you incorporate this bold design into a minimalistic space and let it take center stage. This beautiful watercolor cactus wall mural in particular vibes that Southwest-chic! What’s more, it’s easy-breezy to care for. It’s a self-adhesive matte fabric wallpaper, meaning it’s removable, repositionable, and reusable.

Pendleton: Chief Joseph Blanket

Peaceful Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce tribe native to northeastern Oregon in the late 1800s and is remembered and admired for protecting his people and speaking the truth. He is honored with this design, first woven in the 1920s. This made-in-the-USA wool blanket has been one of Pendleton’s most popular designs ever since it was first seen, as bold arrowheads represent the chief's courage, strength and integrity. Reverses for two different looks. The blanket is felt-bound, 82% pure virgin wool, and 18% cotton; dry clean only.

What are some of your favorite Southwest-inspired trends? Share with us!

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