'80s Flashback: Chill Out with The Monster Squad

From the vault of 1987, The Monster Squad is a classic chiller and horror favorite with the youngsters. That being said, the flick is rated PG-13 and opens with some pretty vulgar language. But the movie isn’t scary enough for adults and contains no nudity, bloody or gory scenes… But still, make sure to err on the side of caution when watching it with younger kids.

If you love monsters, mayhem, and madness – or you’re just looking for a good family flick for Halloween night, this just might be for you!

Kids vs. Creeps: Who Will Win Out?

Twelve-year old die-hard monster fan Sean Crenshaw (Andre Gower) and his friends Rudy (Ryan Lambert), Horace (played by the late Brent Chalem), Eugene (Michael Faustino), and Phoebe (Sean’s little sister; played by Ashley Bank) form The Monster Squad.

They get together in Sean’s tree house to talk about all things monster-related. Little do the kids know that their town contains an amulet that would allow Van Helsing (Jack Gwillim), Frankenstein (Tom Noonan), The Mummy (Michael MacKay), The Wolf Man (Carl Thibault), and Gill Man (Tom Woodruff Jr.) to control the world! Lo and behold, the monsters come to town in search of it!  And only the Monster Squad can hold them back in an epic, action-packed adventure to protect and save their town.

Find out what happens when the kids come face to face with the monsters. Will they be able to defeat them and save the town? Will a slice of pizza with garlic on it be enough to stop Count Dracula?! Join The Monster Squad and cozy up with this classic chiller to find out who comes out victorious – the kids or the monsters!

The Kids Will Go for the Monsters, but You… 

will love the little lessons. There are nice moments of compassion and love – like when Phoebe befriends Frankenstein and introduces him to the rest of the squad, proving 1) Not to judge a book by its cover, and 2) Love can come from some of the unlikeliest places.

Plus, there are some very relatable moments – Sean’s family struggles (with his parents on the brink of divorce) show kids they’re not alone in their own challenges and how to cope in healthy ways (like grabbing some friends and creating a monster squad). There are also the requisite lessons in friendship and teamwork as the group works together to defeat the monsters taking over the town.

Fun for Halloween or movie night, grab this flick and sign up for The Monster Squad. A must-see '80s classic that packs nostalgic monsters, horror, fun, and adventure – it won’t leave you disappointed. With a perfect cast and classic monsters, find out who prevails!

What’s your favorite kiddie chiller flick?

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