'80s Flashback! Finding Treasure in The Goonies

1985’s The Goonies is an iconic family-friendly movie that’s quotable even decades later. From Steven Spielberg, this film packs willful determination in an amazing cast of relatable youngsters.

When a corrupt corporate developer is set on destroying family homes in order to build a country club, the neighborhood kids team up to save their dwellings. After rummaging through the attic, the group discovers a newspaper article, a map and an ancient artifact indicating a forgotten pirate treasure. And the adventure begins!

Just Typical Teens on a Wild Mission

This action-packed movie is definitely geared towards tweens and teens as the cast is super relatable. They aren’t superheroes nor do they have special powers; they are just typical teens! The group sets out on their underground adventure with secret passages, waterfalls, and booby-traps.  While some parts might be considered creepy – skulls and bones, cobwebs and what not – it’s all done in a humorous way.

In a race against the clock, the courageous crew search for the treasure that’s being hoarded by a pirate named One-Eyed Willie. The kids show great amounts of determination and motivation in their quest to save their homes – plus, they’re funny too.

Always Focused on the Prize

Faced with both physical and emotional challenges, the crew powers through it with one goal in mind – to find the treasure! The biggest obstacle arises when their journey takes them to the cliff-side hideout of the Fratelli gang and their Quasimodo look-alike brother, Sloth (John Matuszak).

One of the boys, Chunk (Jeff Cohen), eventually befriends Sloth, who then joins their pack. Sloth isn’t just a superman in his choice of attire, he proves to be a real hero when he lifts a giant rock allowing the boys to escape the cave. Abandoning his cruel family, Sloth narrowly escapes with the rest of the gang.

Family-Friendly and Full of Fun

Sure it’s got crooks and monsters and swashbuckling pirates.  And yet without violence and gore, the movie holds your attention with a pure adventure that teaches lessons in compassion, determination, and motivation.  The plot is clever, the dialogue is typically Spielberg, and the comedy super fun. The Goonies is definitely on the list of must-see '80s classics! Check out this family fun film full of surprises and cheesiness (what did you expect!? It’s the '80s!)

What are some of your favorite films from your own childhood?

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