9 Cloth Diapering Essentials You’ll Want for Sure

You’ve decided that cloth diapers are the right choice for your baby’s bottom. You’ve made sense of all the cloth options and you’ve even chosen your favorite modern cloth diapers. You’re all set, right?  Uh, well, not just yet.  There are a few additional items you’re going to need to simplify the poo management routine. Trust us, you’ll be up to your elbows in the yucky stuff, so best be prepared!

Of course, you’ll need certain items like a changing table, changing pad, and a diaper bag regardless of which type of diaper your choose.  But there are few extra accouterments that will make your life easier if you’re using cloth.  Consider some (or all!) of the options below to really make using cloth diapers a cinch.

Clockwise from top left: Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Logan + Lenora wet bag, Charlie's Soap, Ubbi diaper pail, Home Essentials Drying Rack, Grandma Eli's diaper cream, GroVia BioLiners, Planet Wise diaper pail liner, OXO Tots On-the-Go wipes case


A diaper pail

Where else would you put your dirty diapers before washing?  A diaper pail nicely houses soiled diapers out of sight – and keeps their odors from seeping into your nursery.  Look for pails with sealed, clamping closures and carbon filters that deftly manage offensive odors.  Ubbi (pictured) makes diaper pails in 12 different colors to match your nursery.  And Diaper Dekor is another great odor-free disposal system.  Alternatively, you can use a standard hands-free trashcan with a sealed lid as well.

Two washable cloth pail liners

Washable pail liners are a great choice over plastic.  Not only will you be reducing waste (you did choose cloth diapers after all!), but you can also just throw in the liner with the diapers when it’s time for a wash.  Planetwise (pictured) makes antimicrobial PVC-free pail liners in a variety of colors and designs.  They’re leak-free and resist both odors and stains.  Kanga Care makes cylindrical pail liners with a drawstring closure with the laminate on the inside to prevent any leaks.  Whichever style or brand you select, we recommend having two liners on hand so when one is in the wash, you have the other as a backup.  

Two mini wet bags

Great!  So you’re all set up with a disposal routine when you’re at home but what do you do with the soiled cloth diapers when you’re on the go?  That’s where the mini wet bag comes in.  Leak-proof and odor-resistant, mini wet bags are a convenient (and cute!) way to store those dirty diapers until you get home.  We love the bags made by Logan + Lenora for their adorable and stylish sophistication.  Make sure you get two – not just because they’re cute – but so that you can have a backup when one is being washed.

Flushable liners

Flushable liners may sound like an extra at first, but when you actually start to use them you’ll wonder how anyone could live without them.  They’re thin, biodegradable liners that allow moisture to soak through to your diaper’s soak pad while keeping the dookie off of it.  So when it’s time for number two, you simply dump the liner in toilet and flush it all away.  No need to scrape away at your baby’s diaper to try to get it clean.  Look for liners that are breathable, dye and chemical free, and unscented like GroVia Bio Liners.

Diaper spray + spray shield

So what happens if you do actually end up getting poo on the diaper – or if you decide to skip out on the flushable liners altogether?  For those extremely messy situations, you’re going to want a diaper spray and shield.  A diaper spray is a spray nozzle that connects to your toilet’s own plumbing (much like a spray nozzle on a kitchen sink) and allows you to spray off any poop right into the toilet.  The spray shield helps you contain the splatter so that you don’t end up with a mess that’s bigger than what you started with.  Check out Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer (pictured) and Spray Pal to clean up, rather than create, messes.

Washable cloth wipes + wipes case + wipes warmer

Since you’re going to be washing everything anyways, consider forgoing the disposable wipes.  Use cloth wipes or washcloths instead for a natural clean that doesn’t leave baby sticky.  Add in a wipes case, like the OXO Tots On the Go, for storage when you’re out and about, and a wipes warmer at home.  Simply pre-soak your wipes and carry them with you or warm them up.  You’ll be prepared when it’s time for a change.

Cloth laundry soap

To keep those diapers clean and long-lasting, you’re going to want to invest in some good quality laundry soap.  Look for brands that are free of fragrances and brighteners.  Charlie’s Soap (pictured) is a great non-toxic detergent that’s kind to sensitive skin.  EnviroRite and Trader Joe’s Detergent are both great options too.

Drying rack

To get those diapers nice and dry before going back on the rump, you’re going to want to have a drying rack.  Even if your diapers are safe for the dryer, it’s a good idea to hang them up for a bit of air-drying as well. Try Household Essentials Drying Rack, which has a nifty folding feature (hide it when not in use!)

Cloth-safe diaper creams

While your baby’s not likely to see much in the way of diaper rash (they are in cloths, after all!), you ought to pick up a tube of cloth-safe diaper cream just in case those pesky red bumps do appear.  Grandma El’s, MotherLove Diaper and Thrush, CJ’s BuTTer, and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm are safe for both in the diaper and on the bottom.  You can also look to your kitchen for a remedy and use either olive oil or coconut oil instead.

Do you have any cloth diapering essentials?  Share your best-loved products with us in the comments below!

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