A Valentine’s Gift Guide to Treat Yourself Right

We all know there will be gifts. Flowers, candy, jewelry... something made of pasta shapes... It’s a given. You are well-loved after all.

There will be gifts to celebrate you as a mom, others to regale you as a wife and lover, but Valentine’s Day should also be a reason for you to treat yourself right. After all, you spend the year loving them all hard – and resolving to love them even harder. But in the mix, you can also sometimes lose yourself.

It’s time for a little pampering and self-care with a gift that’s just for you – something that celebrates who you were and how far you’ve come… a little splurge from your very own secret admirer – you!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite products to treat yourself right. Pick out your best loved and get ready to luxuriate:

Trendy meets timeless in these high-waisted Evgenia Lingerie French lace panties. Its bias cut is figure-flattering and the buttons on the hip, pure elegance. Perfect for boudoir karaoke or catching up on Henry & June, this is a splurge that’s bound to make you feel beautiful. In them, you might be sweatpants on the outside, but you’ll always be Anais Nin at heart.

Motherhood fueled by coffee has never been more beautiful. On top of gorgeous aesthetics, the Hario Copper Dripper is designed to conduct heat for a uniform brew that stays warm despite distractions. Regardless of your surroundings, this cup elevates your caffeine fix from simple recharging to pure pampering.

Mothering is full of complexities but your skincare routine doesn’t have to be. S.W. Basics designs its products as an ode to minimalism – the fewer ingredients, the better. Their entire skincare line is truly natural, certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from local family farms. We absolutely love the 3-ingredient Hibiscus mask. It’s a potent blend of alpha-hydroxy acid-packed organic hibiscus for increased cell turnover, mineral-rich French green clay to draw out toxins, and organic lavender to soothe your complexion.

For moms desperately in need of some relaxation, Scandinavisk’s Hygge candle is almost as good as meditation. Made with vegetable wax, it embodies the hygge philosophy – the Scandinavian art of creating coziness in the smallest, everyday moments. A delicious blend of tea and baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint, it’ll bring a bit of calm even when the kids are at their wildest.

Ara Collective’s Chiapas Throws are a lovely treat if you like to kick back and snuggle up once the kids are off to bed. A modern, cotton throw with traditional designs, it’s perfect for sunny days at the beach, cool summer nights, or binge-watching your favorite shows. The throws are beautifully woven by Mayan artisans in the remote mountains of Chiapas and come in a variety of colors from blush to slate. Plus, proceeds help provide education and health care for the artisans and the children of Aid to Artisans Group.

Sometimes, little pleasures are the best. Ventrone Chronicles timeless pieces are big on aesthetics yet simple enough to be a staple. We love the combined Blush Velvet Double Tie Choker + Customized Nameplate. Each piece is so beautifully delicate on its own and stunning when layered together.

For pretty, playful pieces that can go from casual to dressy, Winden’s Earrings combine classic designs and modern aesthetics. The Gwynne (pictured) is made from recycled, 14k gold, they’re designed to make you feel good about what you wear.

Handmade vegan soaps are what Australia’s Vice and Velvet is all about. Made with olive, coconut, and rice bran oils, these soaps provide silky, smooth moisture. Add unique scents and you’re practically in heaven. The Blushing Phoenix Soap is an exquisite blend of fresh lychee pulp, sweetened oolong tea and palmarosa syrup, emboldened with a drop of aged vetiver, making even a simple 5-minute shower feel divine.

Caramel London’s Ammo top is the right balance of femininity and comfort. The delicate design of the burgundy lace feels sumptuous yet playful. And the color pairings go with just about any skin tone, making it a fun-to-wear game of peekaboo.

If you’re looking to get out of your coffee rut, Chalait’s ceremonial matcha tea is a wonderful, antioxidant-rich treat. A delicious green tea powder that detoxifies, burns calories, and boosts your metabolism, its creamy, floral flavor is great stirred into hot water or warm milk.

A good night’s sleep is a rare pleasure for any mom. But one that’s truly beautifying is even better. The Slip Silk Pillowcase is anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, and anti-bedhead. This pillowcase is so gentle, you’ll glide across its surface—protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends and wrinkles. So whether you get a full night’s sleep or a whopping three hours, you’ll wake up looking and feeling beautiful.

Vitruvi helps you weave science, scents, and essential oils throughout your days for a perkier, happier you. Their roll-on aromatherapy blends are practical and luxurious. The Sleep roll on gives off the calming aroma of Roman chamomile and french lavender paired with vetiver, frankincense, and ylang ylang to promote rest while the Still roll on uses smoky vetiver, fresh clary sage, subtle floral rose and Egyptian geranium for a calm, meditative blend. Other combinations include Wake, Focus, and Balance.

Regardless of what little luxuries you pick out for yourself, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for some self-love and self-care.

How will you pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day?

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