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It’s no secret that I love breakfast. I would rather go out to eat a hearty, relaxing morning meal with my husband than be wined and dined at dinnertime. I mean, when else can you choose between fruits, cakes and pastries or decadent meats, eggs and cheese, (or have a little from each category) and call it a meal?

Unless of course, you’re enjoying brunch. It’s everything mentioned above, plus more lunch-y options, and mimosas. And you get to sleep in. Well, everyone gets to sleep in except you because you’ll be in the kitchen. :(

Pro recipe developer Meredith Steele has an entire category dedicated to breakfast and brunch recipes on her blog, Steele House Kitchen. Although it’s a challenge to choose a favorite dish, these are some standout meal ideas that are worth waking up for:

Kale, Potato and Pecorino Frittata

Give my husband potatoes, eggs, and cheese for breakfast/brunch and he is one happy camper. Whether it’s a burrito filled with seasoned home fries and scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, eggs over easy with cheese-covered hash browns, or a combined dish such as this filling frittata, nothing seems to satisfy my man more than this grouping.

To start this frittata, fry up some diced taters in olive oil (although you could be really naughty and use bacon grease). Sautéed garlic and wilted kale are added to the fried potatoes along with a bit of Dijon mustard.

Beaten eggs come next –just two shy of a whole dozen—and then the slightly salty shredded pecorino. The rest is a piece of cake (or maybe quiche would be a better word?). Just pop the skillet filled with yumminess into the oven and wait. A slice of this satiating dish incorporates everything you might want for brunch, from protein to hearty potatoes to fresh veggies. Your tummy will be happy for hours.

Blueberry Galette with Cornmeal Thyme Crust

If I’m being honest, my brunch plate typically contains something more on the sweet side. That being said, I still prefer fresh, healthful ingredients whenever possible.

This galette satisfies both the sweet tooth and the desire to eat delicious whole foods. If you have never had a galette, you are in for a treat. Sort of a cross between a cake and a pie, a galette is a cake-like treat made using pastry, which in this case is a gratifying dough made with cornmeal and thyme.

The freeform handmade cake is rolled out and folded up to enfold a sweet, succulent filling such as the fresh pint of blueberries in this recipe. You could sub with any other type of berry if you have a favorite, or choose from a number of sliced fruits such as peaches, plums, or Granny Smith apples.

One wonderful bonus of this dish is that it is supposed to look rustic and artisanal. No perfect edges or lattice top are required.

Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties

My not quite five-year-old grandson has to have protein as the primary course of a morning meal or he will be bouncing off the walls long before noon. Whether it is links, patties, or crumbles, and no matter if it is served à la carte, on a biscuit, or mixed into scrambled eggs, sausage is always his favorite.

I have always stocked the fridge and freezer with pre made-sausage, such as maple-flavored links from the frozen foods section, and chorizo or links from the meat department. That is, I bought pre-made sausage before I learned how simple it can be to make in your own kitchen.

Once you have tasted homemade sausage using fresh ingredients, there is simply no going back to the frozen or shrink-wrapped stuff. This recipe begins with healthful ground turkey, spiced up with aromatic sage, savory oregano, and a healthy pinch of piquant black pepper. Brown sugar provides a delightful, molasses sweetness that will win over both kiddos and sweet-loving grownups (like me!).

Mixing and cooking these patties is as easy as flipping your favorite hamburgers. One bite and you will wonder why these have not always been one of your brunch staples.

So, whether you prefer sweet, savory, or a little of both, consider brunch as the basis of your next holiday gathering, big family get-together, or just because. With tempting treats like these on the table, you will not be hearing any complaints.

When it comes to brunch, do you prefer sweet or savory dishes? What’s your idea of the perfect brunch meal (drink too!)? Share with us!

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