4 Fun Dessert Makers for Homemade Summer Treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet and frosty summer treat? They taste great, but they aren’t always healthy… or cheap. We’ve rounded up some deliciously easy ways for you and your family to not only enjoy your summer treats, but to have fun making them too!

Popsicle: Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker

Freeze tasty pops in as few as seven minutes with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. It’s easy to make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored-core pops on your countertop… without electricity. It doesn’t get any easier than that. All you’ve got to do to enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, is simply store the compact base in your freezer. Take it out, mix your ingredients, and viola! Comes with instructions and recipes.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Chef’n Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

There’s no doubt about it: The only thing better than ice cream is an ice cream sandwich! These twin trays make it easy to recreate the classic frozen treats by using silicone trays to bake the cookies, then add your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt to the frame, sandwich between the slabs and freeze for an hour. This set makes a total of 16 cookies, enough for eight sandwiches.

Push Pop: Baking Addict Pop-Shooter

Use these babies to create gourmet ice cream push-ups, creamy push up desserts and the ever-so-yummy cake or cupcake shooters. These simple clear plastic containers with lids are made of poly plastic and are freezer safe. They’ve got everything you need, including a pop tube, base, stick and lid. What’s more, desserts won’t stick inside and they are easy to clean.

Shaved Ice and Snow Cones: Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

Crave the shave? Can’t get enough of the cone? You will have almost everything you need in this multipart kit (watch out for little parts with little ones under three years old) including flavored syrup (same classic flavors used in shaved ice stands all across the country), festive paper cone cups, spoon-straws – only the ice is not included! This dual-purpose mini-appliance can make snow cones or shaved ice, with an easy flick of a switch.

What are some of your favorite summer dessert makers? Share with us!

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Camille Aud
We have the Zoku popsicle maker and it saved us this summer
Stacie Engels
Yum! I'd get the ice cream sandwich maker