Cinespia's Film Screenings Will Get Your Kids into Cult Faves

Moms, dads, grandparents, and godparents: Are you looking for a special occasion to dedicate to some one-on-one bonding time with your kid? Check out our series of hip happenings that will give the two of you secrets to share and a ritual to return to year after year.

We know – your kids have grown up munching on popcorn while watching the nostalgic cinema fare of your youth, bonding over catchphrases you’ve been saying since you were seven. You’ve been sheltered from the horrible experience of watching your kids hate, reject, or even laugh at your carefully-curated, coming-of-age filmography… right?

If you’ve ever endured a refusal from your teens, who are instead begging for a night out at the cinema watching the most recent, effects-laden reboot of a mediocre comic book series and wonder how is it you can fix this cinematically broken generation, we’ve got good news: You can scare them straight at the cemetery. Step up your weekly movie night and assure your teenagers that you aren’t playing around. Pack a picnic and some warm clothes and wander the graves this summer at Cinespia.

In Los Angeles, the creepiest goblins come out all summer at the best place to be dead, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the final resting place of many stars of the silver screen who have passed on. Summer screenings of cult- and crowd-favorites loom large over the crematorium as hoards of Angelenos sit silently between celebrity graves. If this isn’t bonding, the young generation is lost for good.

Prepping and Packing

This summertime festival happens every Saturday night and is popular with young hipsters, urbanites, and stoners all over the city. Movies range from classic Hollywood to 80s throwbacks, family favorites, to cult horror classics. And yes, there is even a vampire flick from time to time. The schedule goes online in the early spring, so if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles during the summer, take a look at what’s playing before you arrive.

The main season runs from May through October, with special screenings at The Palace (yep, that’s an indoor venue) when it’s too chilly in the cemetery. But for the main event, look through the season’s program and book your tickets online early to be sure you get in. Believe it or not, the cemetery does sell out.

On the night of the screening, you’ll want to pack a giant picnic with assorted snacks and drinks. It’s smart to pack a picnic blanket with a tarp you can put underneath it too, since you’ll be sitting in a field of grass that tends to get damp and chilly. Sweaters, scarves, and closed-toed shoes are smart too, since it inevitably gets colder than you’d expect.

There are porta-potties in the cemetery, so you’ll obviously want hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper too. Luckily, you and your kid both have backpacks and duffel bags, right?

Places to Park

When you book your tickets, you’ll also be asked if you want to purchase parking tickets. You’ll be able to park inside the cemetery with an on-site pass, but parking places aren’t close enough to watch the movie from your car, so you’ll still want to bring your picnicking blankets and supplies and sit on the grass.

Alternately, if on-site parking is sold out, you can purchase parking at two adjacent lots, also on the ticketing page. From these lots, you’ll walk to the main gate where the crowd gathers before the gates open. There are no reserved spots on the viewing lawn, so the earlier you arrive, the better spot you’ll get.

Once the gates open, you and your kids will be ushered through the hallowed grounds of the cemetery, walking past famed gravesites and the tombstones of those who have died in obscurity. Luckily, it should still be light outside so stop to pay your respects to Cecil B. DeMille, Johnny Ramone, Valentino, or gangster Bugsy Siegel. Bring some plastic fangs to leave on the grave of Vampira, if you dare.

Then, take up residence on your own plot of earth, listen to the opening DJ and await your destiny.

Movies and More

Many screenings come with their own photobooths and fan artwork. Usually, an area to the left of the screen is the place to find all kitsch and memorabilia. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to theme your costume after the movie in question so when it comes time to visit the photo booth, you’ll already fit into the scene. This could be an especially fun project with your child if they haven’t seen the movie yet.

Although the screenings are family-friendly, you’ll want to keep your blanket from too many 420 friends. You should also be aware that kids must be accompanied by someone over 18 if Cinespia is screening an R-rated film.

However you choose to Cinespia, your kids are guaranteed to see “old movies” in a new way when they’re exposed to them on the big screen, surrounded by dearly departed stars. Hopefully, the experience will haunt them for a lifetime.

Plan on watching movies at the cemetery this summer? What are other hip happenings you’re looking forward to this year? Share with us!

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