Decorating a Boy's Room: Ideas for All Ages

Congratulations, it’s a boy! So, what does that mean when it comes to decorating his digs? It doesn’t have to be all-blue, or all baseball. You can have a lot of fun turning tradition on its tush with some of these trendy – and yes, even elegant – tips and tricks.

Let’s check out a few fun choices for each age group – babies, boys, and teens:

A Baby Boy's Nursery

This such a mature and sophisticated nursery. We love the use of kiddie themes – circus animals, rocking horse, teddy bear – all elevated to a singular style that says “Gorgeous,” instead of “Ga-Ga, Goo-Goo.”

This is an uber-masculine baby’s room – and note the total absence of the customary blue hues! Kudos to mom and dad for thinking outside the box and going out to sea (we love the sailboat on the steamer trunk).

We love the simplicity of this little nursery. The brightly colors wall decals are fun and playful, and so is the wall art. Natural wooden elements go nicely with the brighter shades, adding to the warmth of the space, and the patterned throw mimics the walls without being repetitive.

This bright and open nursery offers up a lot of cheer with its generous use of yellow. Mixing patterns and textures, the warm yellow really lifts the room and contrasts nicely with the little pops of turquoise. 

Rooms for Big Boys

This is one of the few instances in which it’s OK to draw on the wall. Thoughtfully incorporated into the décor, it adds a sense of play into an otherwise nerdy-chic motif.

Here’s a great way to keep your little camper indoors where it’s warm and cozy: Make it look as though the great outdoors has come home to your boy’s room. We love the idea of cobblestone steps leading up to a tent-like canopied bunk bed, a throw rug made of “grass”, and check out the painting of the trees by the window!

The mostly monochrome backdrop of this boy's room allows intentionally placed decorative items to pop. The patterned wall helps highlight the pieces of art that are incorporated into the room. Bits of personality shine through, making the room personal and  warm.  

Kids have an amazing ability to accumulate a lot of stuff...from clothes to toys and books. This boy's room does a wonderful job of storing it all away yet within its occupant's reach. The unique bed frame, favorite stuffies, and wall art are playful while potted plants and textiles make it feel homey.

While this shared sibling's room is actually mostly white, it's in now way short on personality. Overlapping textiles make the twin beds inviting. The textured shag adds an extra layer of coziness to the play area and hanging toys invite the little kiddos to make their space a playful one.

This minimalist twin boys' room is very intentional in its decor. While white covers the beds, their frames, and the walls, it's really just a medium to highlight the few yet substantial decorations. The pillows, tabletop decor, chandelier, and wall decorations work together in harmony to make a small space warm and inviting.

How will you decorate your son’s room? Share your favorite ideas with us!

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