Designer Spotlight: Fave Nursery & Kid's Rooms from Little Liberty

More than ever, kid’s rooms are considered as an essential part of the family home’s décor schemes, and there are so many cool choices out there it can be hard to focus. This is where Little Liberty, a vibrant Melbourne-based company that’s a class act but still knows how to have fun with warmth and panache, comes in.

Little Liberty founder and interior decorator Nicole Rosenberg is passionate about all things art, crafts, and style. She was inspired to start her business after having her own children, decorating their bedrooms, and then being asked to do the rooms of friends and family. Encouraged by how much she loved creating beautiful spaces and how much her friends loved her style, she knew that there was perhaps a business in this niche service… and she was right!

This cozy but not cluttered nursery space is the perfect place for mom and dad to relax with baby and enjoy some quiet moments. Wooden letters or initials add a sense of person to this place, and the variety of woodland animals (stuffed, wooden, and ceramic) give it a young and hopeful feel.

One of Nicole’s mantras is: “Don’t be afraid of color!” and here’s the proof. Colorful, but not at all garish, this boy’s nursery room features a fawn stool, cheetah print throw, and framed fruit in bright hues.

Can we join the tea party? This room is so sweet and inviting – and clearly made for fun and fostering imagination – your little lady will while away many hours here playing, reading, drawing, and daydreaming.

This older kids’ room shows bold, strong personality with its sharp angles and straight-arrow wallpaper pattern; yet, it’s not at all intimidating. Hooped balls and action figures adorn the walls, while the homework nook is placed by the window – offering a nice balance of work and play.

Which of these rooms by Little Liberty do you love the most? Share your dream style for your kids’ rooms!

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