Easy Paint Jobs That Give Your Kid’s Room That Designer Look

By Nikki M

Maybe your new baby boy has just inherited his sister’s fairy princess nursery. Maybe your kids are growing up and their room needs to better reflect their own personality. Perhaps YOU’RE the one who’s inspired and itching for change? Whatever your reason, kids’ rooms offer prime space to get creative!

When rearranging the furniture and switching up the textiles simply don’t cut it anymore, you might want to look into something a bit more permanent... Think paint! But before you commit to 5 gallons of eggplant for the kids’ walls, why not try something on the smaller scale? You’ll get the maximum impact of bright pops of color, without the hassle and expense of a larger paint job.

First things first; grab some nontoxic indoor paint. We love Quiet Home Paints, which were created by a mother-daughter duo who love design, but hate all the awful ingredients that come in common household paints.

Quiet Home paints was specifically created for children’s nurseries, and once established, the company added a home line. These paints have absolutely zero VOC, are odorless, and solvent-free. They’re safe enough that you don’t have to quarantine the kids out in the backyard for the rest of the day.

So grab some old, ragged shirts, let your little one pick out some paint chips, find a well-ventilated space, and get painting!

Door Edges that Pop with Color

Bright, contrasting doors are huge in the design world. They’re fresh, modern, and ever-so quirky. But painting a door is no simple task, especially if you’re a newbie. Besides, since you’ll be using doors countless times throughout the day, your work needs to be flawless.

Our suggestion? Paint the edges! You’ll get a flash of color when you open the door, and you can really go wild with your color choices. Got an all-white interior? Try a stunning cobalt blue on the inside of your door. Beige walls? Try a fun, Kelly green. Better yet, let your kiddo decide what color to pick... Don’t be afraid! The more garish, the better!

Have Fun with Furniture Feet

Painting your furniture can definitely update your place in a really fun way. But when it comes to the nursery, things could get a bit iffy. Newer cribs use a special kind of paint that isn’t toxic to little ones when ingested, so it’s best to leave that part untouched. Gliders and ottomans are usually fabric-covered, and you’d be crazy to paint over those (Although if you really wanted to…).

Our solution? Stick with furniture feet. It’s noticeable, yet not too jarring – and definitely won’t ruin any of your investments.

Got a lovely light wood crib? Teal legs would look gorgeous on them. Got a dark gray, fabric glider? Try a stunning orange!

Bold Colors on the Bookshelf

Whether yours are free-standing or built into the walls, painting the inside of the bookshelves can add interest to your kiddo’s room. Because bookcases tend to come in neutral colors, pick something fun and vibrant! A bright yellow is a nice choice, and so is a striking, true red. You could also go for a deeper color to add contrast. A rich navy hue would look absolutely perfect housing your little ones’ ever-growing book collection.

Try a different color for each shelf, or even paint them by book category. The possibilities are endless!

Jazz up Everything IKEA

Hitting up this mega Swedish furniture store is a wonderful and inexpensive way to furnish your kids’ room with modern pieces. The Hemnes dressers, Billy bookcases, and Poang rocking chairs are the new classics! But if you aren’t a fan of their stock colors and faux-wood finishes, pick your own and paint over them!

Because IKEA furniture is so affordable, A. They’re just begging to be customized, and B. You won’t feel a pang of regret doing so. Accentuate the furniture’s sleek lines and contemporary style with playful, bright colors. Try hot pink, canary yellow, or cerulean blue. You could even keep the piece in its natural state and simply paint metallic borders around the edges (great for dressers and changing stations!). While you’re at it, switch up the hardware!

To paint over veneer (which is what most Ikea furniture comes in) simply use a primer beforehand to make sure the paint adheres and doesn’t bubble. DONT sand the surfaces as you would with solid wood, because that could damage and chip off bits of the material. Finish off with a polycrylic top coat.

Tip: Love a piece of furniture at the store but hate the less-than-stellar color choices? IKEA usually offers unfinished versions of certain pieces that are meant for priming and painting over. They’re also a lot cheaper than the pre-painted ones.

Focus in on Your Photo Frames

Whether you’ve got a carefully curated gallery of photos over the crib or just a few large posters hanging casually around the room, frames really contribute to your whole look and tie things together.

We recommend going for the complete opposite of what you’ve already got going on. Got a set of uniform white frames all hung in neat rows? Spray paint them all different colors and finishes. Paint some metallic, some neon, some neutral, and some even patterned. Don’t try to be matchy-matchy. The more eclectic it is, the better!

Do you have a bunch of mismatched, gifted frames that go with absolutely nothing in the room but you decided to hang anyway? Paint them all monochrome, or varying shades of one color in different finishes (try grays or blues). It’ll make everything look unified and intentional.

Add Accent Color with Chalkboard Paint

In a small room, a whole wall of chalkboard paint can severely darken the place! Besides, the bigger the canvas, the more dust there is to clean up!

Instead, stick with a simple, geometrical shape. Why not try a door-sized rectangle or oval? You can even make the border intricate, like an antique frame. Try a strip of chalkboard paint going across a wall so kids can create a panoramic mural. You can even paint settings like houses, buildings, and vehicles, and have the kiddos fill them in with people, animals, or aliens. Try a big circle on their bedroom doors so they could draw their face on it with the matching feeling of the day. Chalkboards aren’t just for little toddlers. They can serve as bulletin boards and to-do lists for older kids as well.

Chalkboard paints come in different colors, although we’re still partial to the classic flat black. But feel free to choose what best fits your room.

What are some little paint jobs that have really freshened up your kids’ rooms? Share your cool tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

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