Fun Toddler Chores That Feel Like Child's Play

By Nikki M

Kids love to mimic their parents. It's funny how our most mundane tasks are exciting enough for little toddlers to warrant role-playing. Instead of keeping toddlers away when you're busy, involve them in your daily routines instead.

Giving children chores teaches them responsibility, and also makes things a bit easier for you. You’ll be instilling a strong sense of responsibility and respect for their belongings, and their home. So dole out a few fun and engaging tasks for your little one now – it's never too soon to start!

Making the bed

We're not talking military-style. No quarters need to bounce of your sheets.  Simply have your toddlers spread out the sheets and straighten out the pillows. Done! They say making your bed first thing in the morning sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. After your little ones complete this task, shower them with kisses and praise, and they will beam with pride! It's great for them to feel a sense of accomplishment minutes after waking up. (If only we adults could get a pat on the head once in a while…)

Chopping veggies and setting the table

Young children love being in the kitchen. They love watching parents cook, curiously observing colorful ingredients and delicious smells. And kitchenware pretty much beats out any $$$ toy they have.

Get your children involved in meal prep and you’ll not only have them doing chores, they’ll also be learning about healthy foods, improving motor skills, and getting some math skills under their belt! (Pull out the measuring cups and they’ll learn fractions.  Set the timer and they’ll count down minutes.  Double up on recipes and you have an intro to multiplication).

Equally fun and important is setting the table!  Have your tablecloths, placemats, dining and serving utensils stored in perfect toddler-height drawers. Or set them out where little ones can reach them.  Teach your kids what a proper setting looks like.  Where does the fork go?  The spoon? 

Let them fill the napkin holder and decorate the table with fresh flowers and candles, if you have some on hand. Make place cards for family members and get them started on their phonetics and reading. You'll probably have to assist them with the plates and glassware in the beginning, but it won't be too long until they can handle those on their own.

Dusting surfaces

Young kids are really intrigued with household cleaning, but we all know that kids + toxic cleaning products = NO NO! Large cleaning tools like vacuums and mops could cause injuries and knock things down. Instead, let your toddler be in charge of dusting! Get a duster that works with static. Swiffer dusters are really effective and perfectly sized for little ones. Have them dust tables, surfaces, window sills, and pretty much everything else!

Also try out this incredibly simple Swiffer Sweeper hack: simply take out the middle pole, reattach the two ends, and you have a fully-functioning miniature sweeper!

Sorting laundry

There's just something so enticing about a large, warm pile of clean laundry. It's just asking to be jumped in! You don't expect little toddlers to fold laundry just yet, but why not ask them to help sort it? It's almost like a game and gets those pre-math skills going. Build separate piles for daddy's, mommy's, and their clothes! You'll be surprised at how efficient this system is.

Watering the plants

Taking care of plants and watering the garden is a great task for kids, and keeps them cool when it's scorching out. You’ll be instilling them with a love of nature along with countless other reasons to garden with the kids . . . the benefits are not to be missed!

If you have a big backyard, buy a colorful hose attachment with different settings (such as shower, mist, and jet). This not only provides endless entertainment for the kids, but it also makes sure you're using water efficiently.

If you have a potted or container garden , invest in an adorable watering can. They'll soon see the results of their daily work with lush, green plants, blooming flowers, and maybe even fresh, ripe fruit!

Taking care of the pets

Got furry friends at home? Have your child be in charge of grooming them! After a good brushing, your little one (the little human, I mean) will soon be the recipient of a ton of slobbery kisses or affectionate purrs.

Whether your pets are warm or cold blooded, give your children the daily responsibility of feeding them. You'll have to assist them by opening canned food and cages. Depending on how intricate the feeding ritual is, you'll probably even have to guide them through the whole thing, but they will greatly benefit from it.  This teaches them the importance of caring for others, and what it's like to have someone depend on them.

What are some fun chores you have for your toddler?

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