10 Ways to Teach Children How to Become Positive People

Let’s face it parents, sometimes it can feel like we live in a very negative world. As positive as we may be, we still have to deal with those individuals who see life as a half-empty glass.  We encounter them every day as we make our way through life. They are the rude teller at the bank, the pushy customer in line while we are getting our morning latte and the co-worker who complains ad nauseam about their life.

Unfortunately, our little ones will eventually have to deal with their fair share of Debbie Downers as well. Teaching them to be positive people when they're faced with negativity may seem like an impossible feat, but it really isn’t. Being positive is a conscious choice.

Choosing Positivity

In order for our children to be happy, we have to learn to rise above our own negative thinking and to lead by example.  It’s not always easy to hear that it’s our choice to be negative, but it’s the truth. Our brains are wired to be negative courtesy of Mother Nature as part of our survival skills, so we have to work at being positive. 

Our children pick up our negative energy when we’re stressed out and taking it out on everyone that crosses our path.  The most important thing that we can arm our children with, before they make their way out into the world, is an internal system designed to see the world with unrelenting optimism and hope. Here are ten ways to create a more positive life for both ourselves, and our little ones.

1. Teach them to always be authentic. When people are happy with who they are, they are typically more positive.  Teaching our children that they are unique and amazing individuals builds the self-esteem they need to reject the negativity in the world.

2. Teach them to have realistic expectations. Being a positive person doesn’t mean that we are never going to be negative or have bad days – we’re only human. We have to show our children that sometimes they’re going to feel negative feelings, but that they possess the power to push past the dark clouds and find their way back to the sun.

3. Teach them to be thinkers and not just doers. When we live our lives reacting to everything around us, then we are like leaves at the mercy of a fast-moving stream.  To help our little ones become more positive people, we have to teach them to think before reacting. Instilling mindfulness gives our little ones the power to be the master of their own happiness by choosing where they place their focus.

4. Teach them to choose positive people. In order for us to be positive, we have to surround ourselves with as many positive influences as possible. Sometimes we have to let go of those people that are no longer supporting our growth and emotional well-being. An important lesson to teach our children is to pick friends that bring out the best in them, and to know when to let go of those friends who don’t.

5. Teach the power of gratitude.  A powerful lesson that we can teach our kids is to say “thank you” to others and to learn to say a silent “thank you” for all of the blessings that come to them throughout the day.  When we teach our little people the power of gratitude, we are immunizing them from the dis-eases of others, as well as their own.

6. Teach them the importance of forgiveness. When we hold on to the past we aren’t living in the moment where everything is happening.  By teaching our kids how to go right to forgiveness and not give anger a chance to turn into resentment, we are teaching them how to live as positive and conscious human beings.

7. Teach them to say “no”. All of us need to learn how to set boundaries in our lives and that begins by setting limitations for ourselves. There’s a fine line between being a good person and being a victim – it’s up to us as parents to teach our children that it’s important for them to know their limitations, and that it’s okay to say “no” sometimes.  

8. Teach them patience. Some people are naturally wired to be patient, while others have to learn it. Being a positive person means that sometimes we have to simply accept the unacceptable and just let people be who they choose to be.  Teaching our children to walk away from a negative or toxic situation is a great lesson in life.

9. Teach them to look for the good. While it’s true that most of us are guilty of letting ourselves be sucked into the drama, it’s a conscious choice to stay in it.  A valuable lesson for our little ones is to teach them to always look at the bigger picture.  When we do this, we help them to see past the negativity and to realize that they have the power to rise above the circumstance, and to find peace by avoiding conflict.

10. Teach your children to compliment others. Everyone likes to be complimented, especially if it’s done with sincerity. Teaching our children to practice the art of “niceness” and to see the good in people will carry them a long way in the war against negativity.  We teach our children to be nice people through our own behavior, and the gentle reminder that every person we come into contact with is an opportunity to practice kindness. 

How do you teach your children to keep a positive outlook on life?

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