10 Things to Tell Your Son That Show Your Unconditional Love

He lights up your life like you never imagined. You smile at just the mention of his name. He is your son. Your little boy. The love of your life. And he needs to know it. Not just every so often, but all the time. And even though you show your little guy you love him, letting him know vocally will reinforce that love.

Here are some of the most important things to tell your son to let him know you're his biggest fan.

1. I'm Proud of You

Every child needs to hear that you are proud of him. Whether it's trying out for a sports team or listening to him tell you about a school project, let your little guy know that you're in his corner.

2. You Can Do It

Failure is an option, but your boy should know that you have faith in him to succeed. No matter what it is, encourage your guy by letting him know that he has your full support. And remind him that even if he ends up failing, he won't be letting you down. 

3. You're So Handsome

In a world full of children being bullied, and many times taking their lives because of it, it's important that we let our children know that we think they are beautiful (because they are). In boy terms, this means telling your son how handsome you think he is. We don't want our boys to think that their looks define them, but we want them to be confident and self assured. Let him know he's handsome and it's his heart that shows.

4. Go Ahead, Express Yourself

Boys can cry. They can get emotional. One of the problems with our society is sending our boys the message that big boys don't cry. The truth is, holding things in can be unhealthy, as not releasing emotions can create a build-up that turns into a blow out.

5. You Make Me Happy

Have people ever told you that you brighten their day? That you're the light in their dark world? It feels so good to hear. Your son would love to hear the same from you. Knowing how much joy he brings to your life will make him feel loved. Those words can turn his bad days around just like his presence in your life turns your bad days around.

6. I'm Always Here for You

No matter what, you're there. Your boy needs to know that. If he messes up, if he disappoints you, if he becomes estranged from you, he needs to know that you're always within reach. That no matter what he does, you are there. Forever and always, you're there.

7. Tell Me About It

One of the ways you can build trust with your son is by letting him know that you have an "open door" policy when it comes to communication. If you can tell that he's having a bad day, or that something is bothering him, ask him to sit down and talk to you about it. Even if you don't have anything to say in response, he'll appreciate that you listened to what he had to say.

8. Sometimes the Cool Kids Are Less Than Stellar

Ok, maybe don't use those exact words, but get the message across that just because some kids engage in bad/illegal/risky behavior, doesn't mean he has to try to fit in. One of the best ways to convey this message is by sharing your personal experiences. Children love hearing about their parents' experiences, and they are listening (and learning what not to do) when you tell them about the good decisions as well as bad ones.

9. Thank You

If you've ever done something for someone and didn't get a thank you, you probably felt taken for granted. Even when your son is doing things he is supposed to be doing anyway, show gratitude. And definitely give thanks when he goes above and beyond what is expected of him. Positive words of reinforcement are likely to make him repeat the behavior and form good habits. You want him to be like a contributing member of the family, and when he knows he is appreciated, he'll want to contribute.

10. I Love You

 It's as simple as that. Tell your son you love him. Those three little words are powerful, and your little man needs to hear them as much as possible.

What are some of the things you make sure to tell your son every day?

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