Hey, Dads! Here's What You Can Bring to the Maternity Ward

By Nikki M

Mom's already got the diaper bag packed and all the essentials covered. So what can dad bring to the hospital besides plenty of good cheer and encouragement? The fun stuff, of course!

An Oh-So-Indulgent Picnic

. . . packed with sushi or other favorite foods banned during pregnancy. Mom has been (im)patiently waiting for nine whole months to devour all the raw, unpasteurized, or downright junky edibles for baby's sake.

Find the biggest basket you can get and fill it with sashimi, oysters, lox, swordfish, deli ham, salami, soft cheeses, cookie dough, and sprouts. Bring the best bottle of wine you can find and toast your little one (just a smidge for breastfeeders well before baby’s next meal, please).

Don't forget to bring in a fresh cup of coffee or green tea or a soy-milk caramel latte for extra bonus points.

Headphones to Tune In or Tune Out

There’s going to be a lot of talk about how to properly clean down there, fist-sized blood clots, and possibly stitches in her lady parts. If you’re the squeamish sort, you’re going to need to plug in and tune out. Or she just might want to keep those things private and under wraps.

Bring along some of your favorite tunes – and hers. Not only can you check out, if necessary, you can also lay side-by-side and share your ear buds. That song you’re listening to while gazing on your just-born baby will definitely become a new favorite.

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A Treat for Her

Sure, she’s the woman who just gave birth to your child. But she’s not just a mother; she’s the love of your life. Give her a special treat... just for her.

Maybe smuggle in a masseuse, disguised as a distant relative. Or a manicurist. Ask the nurses to remove your baby for just an hour and let her feel fully pampered. After all, once you’re out of the hospital, she’s going to have a hard time finding a moment for herself.

If that sounds too extravagant, or you know she wouldn’t appreciate a single moment away from your baby, bring her something more personal. Maybe a special charm with your baby’s initial. Her favorite girlie magazines. Or a silk robe, lavender essential oils to help her distress, her favorite lipstick that she forgot . . .

Leave the fancy push present for later and make this treat just simply considerate.

A Family Reunion

You'll probably be taking multiple trips to the hospital and back home to check on the kids, grab last minute essentials, and catch up on some decent sleep away from the maternity ward. When mom is ready, bring over your older child to see the new the baby! It will be a rare moment of awe and genuine love – the final calm before the sibling rivalry storm.

For extra brownie points, have your older ones make a big card for mommy and a smaller one for baby. They can also play a part in picking out balloons and/or flowers. The big boy or girl will feel like a more important part of it all – and you’ll get to watch as mommy’s heart melts.

A Not-So-Sexy But Very Properly Installed Car Seat

Okay, so this isn't really something fun, but things can turn sour pretty quickly when you've got an overwhelmed, hormonal mom and a screaming baby who can't leave the hospital because the car seat is still boxed up in the back seat. Find your local Car Seat Inspection Station at seatcheck.org. Better yet, have an employee at the baby store install it for you the same day you purchase it (they are usually certified).

Are you an excited, soon-to-be dad? Or a pro pack-mule with many kiddos under your belt? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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