Holiday Gift Guide: Peace & Love All Around

‘Tis the season for love and peace all around...though it may not always feel like that with a couple of kids in the house. But what better way to instill the holiday spirit (and call a ceasefire to all sibling rivalry) than with gifts that have meaning? After all, if the Ally and German troops could call a Christmas truce to exchange carols instead gunfire, think what you can do with a couple of presents.

If you’re looking for gifts with a pacifist leaning...or you’re just into that whole Pepperland vibe, check out these gorgeous finds:

There has never been a better picture book on the absurdity of war than this one. The Enemy is super simple in both text and illustrations, but its message couldn’t be more powerful. Award-winning collaborators Davide Cali and Serge Bloch tell the story of two lonely soldiers facing each other across a barren battlefield. What each discovers, as the story unfolds, is that the enemy isn’t the faceless beast the battle manual suggests he is, but rather a real person with family, friends, and dreams.

If you’re looking to turn toddler tantrums into peaceful protests, pick up this cozy fleece pullover from Beautiful Melody Shop. Its message is displayed loud, clear, and center stage. Here’s hoping that the next time it comes to chores, your kids go for a sit-in rather than an outburst.

For a non-violent (and clever!) twist on weapon-wielding green army men, Yoga Joes would make an awesome stocking stuffer. With nary an AK-47 or hand grenade in sight, these little guys are all about meditation over combat. With 9 figures each mastering a different pose, military men have never looked so good. Can we get Lululemon in on the camouflage?

If you’re looking for instant art as nursery decor, Creative Soul Hatti has gorgeously minimalist pieces with lovely messages. We’re particularly smitten by the “I Come in Peace” poster as a sweet little reminder that peace really does begin with us.

For your flower-power love child with a penchant for all things vehicular, nothing beats this VW Peace & Love Bus. Its 60’s hippie vibe oozes that whole Summer of Love youthful optimism. Perfect for hours of imaginative play and also great for display.

Donna Wilson’s Dove Plates are gorgeous for toddlers just graduating from plasticware. Here’s hoping they’ll bring a bit of peace to family dinners. Worst case scenario: the lasagna will be beautiful.

Try what you will, you probably won’t be able to do away with pillow fights completely. But you can add a little subliminal tsk, tsk, tsk to your decor when the feathers start to fly. If this Oeuf NYC Wool Peace Sign Pillow doesn’t put an end to all bedroom battles, maybe it can….uh, be their first lesson in pie charts?

With this version of the classic preschool game comes a lesson in diversity, compassion, and 36 ways to say “hello.” The Children of the World Memory Game will draw kids in with its bright, beautiful illustrations while developing a love of multiculturalism.

Because there’s no sweeter lullabye than John Lennon’s Imagine, you’re going to want to give them a lovey to match. So what better than their own little pacifist dreamer to snuggle up with? With this Shop Sammei Lennon plush by their side, your little one will be imagining all the people, living life in peace….every single night.

Little artists will love these People Colors Jumbo Pencils in 12 natural-looking skin tones. Great as a stocking stuffer or a gift, they’ll help kids to celebrate diversity as they draw realistic portraits of people in their world.

The only thing that could possibly make America’s best loved spiritual even better is award-winning artist Kadir Nelson’s sublime artwork. This picture book version of He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands celebrates a love for all the people of our planet and captures the world as a child would see it – vast and beautiful.

Let the rest of the world know how truly awesome your little one is with this Strawberry Moth Karma Kids Tee. Outfitted in a simple message of kindness and compassion, your kiddo will stop people in their tracks – not only for their outward adorableness but also for their inner beauty.

And if you’ve made it this far but are still wondering about that totally awesome LEGO set….Yes, you can pick up your very own Yellow Submarine and save Pepperland from the Blue Meanies!

Will you be gifting presents with a purpose this holiday? What will you give?

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Lindsey Velasco
That John Lennon pillow is so creepy-cool!
Valerie Rivas
Seriously need the Yoga Joes
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OMFG....those yoga men!!