Your Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Art

If your kiddo prefers Gauguin to gaming or Basquiat over basketball, you have a true art lover on your hands. And no one know better than you how hard these brooding artsy types are to please...even when they’re three.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the art fan in the family or hoping to instill a love for all things painterly, add these modern masterpieces to your holiday shopping:

For a stocking stuffer that oozes cultural cool, Lucy Kaas’ Warhol kokeshi doll is the perfect find. Minimalist yet sophisticated, it’s hand-painted to reflect the Pop Art icon’s signature sense of style. Satin-varnished to last well beyond fifteen minutes of fabulousness, it’s a piece your little artist will treasure – whether you use it for play or display. Other figures in the kokeshi collection include: Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, and Piet Mondrian for a cool gallery of artistic heroes.

When the common teddy lacks a certain something, amp up your plush’s cultural pizazz with this Maroma & Arte Frida Doll. If you’re looking to raise a little culture vulture who’s all about passion, determination, and feminism, you couldn’t find a better bestie. Both muse and playpal, the Frida doll is about more than just the snuggles.

Bring bold colors and movement to stacking blocks. This Keith Haring balancing block set ups your brain games with gorgeous visuals. Whether you’re looking for a gift for toddlers working on their motor skills or teens who need some desk art, these pretty playthings add some much needed playfulness to the act.

These Sketch Inc. pins make a big statement about your kiddo’s artsy side. Pick out your child’s favorite artist from the range of options, or pile them on for extra oomph. They’re great for adorning backpacks (or should I say art satchels?), painter’s smocks, and black berets...or whatever offbeat outfit your little art-lover can’t live without.

For kids who think Instagram has nothing on Avedon, a standard coloring book just won’t do. Get kids thinking beyond the lines with this Tate Kids Modern Art Activity Book. Marrying a lesson in modern art and creative projects for kids, it does a great job of making modern art fun and accessible while firing up their creativity.

When you can’t choose between gifting your child’s favorite art icon or their favorite art work, give the best of both worlds. Blue Raspberry Designs makes adorable plush dolls that look just like their artistic hero...if they were tatted up with your most loved masterpieces.

For crayons as creative as your little artist, Andy Warhol’s Soup Can Crayons make an adorable gift. Not only is the soup can container perfectly cute + pragmatic for drawings on the go, but the colors – with names like Tomato Soup, Pink Cow, and Yellow Banana, are a fun nod to some of the artist’s most iconic work.

If your holiday season just wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite practical gift, then make sure your gifted footwear isn’t just fancy but also...well, famously sought after. With the art world’s top grossing painter of all time on their feet, your child will be ready to charm the socks off the staunchest critics. Chatty Feet’s Unusual Socks for Art Lovers include many other famous faces that are fun to collect.

Go for art when it comes to game night. This Modern Art Memory Game features popular artworks from the world’s most renowned masters. Classic memory will feel more like a museum visit as your family competes to match the pieces. An accompanying foldout booklet provides facts about the 36 artists and works featured.

Bring artistic flair to your nursery or kid’s room decor. This Artist Palette Wall Clock is oh-so enticing with those fresh-looking dabs of paint that kids will count down the seconds to their next art project.

A must-have for any Warhol fan, the Galison’s Andy Warhol Desk Box is a unique novelty gift for creative geniuses. Each piece celebrates Warhol's iconic style: a lined journal with quotes and artwork, a memo pad that echoes the patterns of Warhol's silkscreened boxes, a Campbell's can pencil sharpener, stickers, banana-shaped bookmark, a "15 minutes of fame" sand timer, six-inch ruler, and cow's head eraser.

Do you have a little art lover in the family? What will gift(s) will you be giving them this holiday season?

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