Jogging Strollers for Parents who Love to Run

By Nikki M

Looking for a fun and effective way to shed the excess baby weight? Try an invigorating run! Whether you're a pro runner or a total rookie, getting on a postpartum fitness regime will do you wonders — running is an excellent way to get fit, boost cardio, relieve stress, banish the baby blues, and of course, get that glorious, post-workout glow.

Forget the icky gym treadmills — invest in one of these superb jogging strollers, and get your workout on. Fresh air not optional.

The Good

  • Fixed wheels: Unlike all-terrain strollers that have swivel front wheels, dedicated jogging strollers have fixed front wheels for stability when running at high speeds. You don't need something maneuverable on a run — the last thing you want is to accidentally swerve and tip the stroller over with baby in it!
  • Smooth ride: Large, pneumatic (air-filled) tires let you sail through bumpy terrain...Your baby will be none the wiser.
  • Durable: Crafted with hardwearing, heavy-duty materials, jogging strollers can take a serious beating.

The Bad

  • Bulky: Large tires and a large chassis make for a pretty sizable stroller. Don't expect a teensy, compact fold.
  • Heavy: It's quite a chore hauling this in and out of the car. On the bright side, the substantial weight contributes to added stability on a run.
  • Single Purpose: In this day and age, an item that serves a single purpose — with such a short lifespan to boot — seems a little uneconomical.

Best For

Runners of all kind — experienced, novice, serious, for-fun, funny-looking, and so on. Also great for extremely rugged trails, where a swivel wheel can be detrimental.

Our Favorites

Baby Jogger Summit X3

When we think of Baby Jogger, the well-loved City Mini and City Select strollers come to mind. Ironic, since neither of those are even intended for jogging. So why the moniker "Baby JOGGER"? Well, it turns out that the company was founded on one of the lesser-known models in their line-up — an actual jogging stroller, believe it or not!

The Jogger is a wonderfully lightweight stroller built for speed. It has a fixed front wheel to keep you going straight and fast, a hand-operated brake for increased control in tight situations, a huge, windowed canopy with SPF 50, an ample storage basket, and Baby Jogger's signature one-hand, compact fold — simply lift a strap, and voila!

BOB Ironman

If your stroller is appointed official gear of one of the hardest sporting events in the world, then you know it means business. The BOB Ironman, of Ironman Triathlon fame, is one lean, mean running machine.

Crafted with lightweight alloy wheels and pneumatic tires and tubes, this stroller is fast and durable. Its fixed front wheel provides stability, whether you're going for a leisurely jog or running at a training pace, while its remarkable suspension system guarantees a smooth ride for your kiddo. Features include a nifty hand brake, a multi-position windowed canopy, a large cargo basket, and an easy, two-step fold.

BOB Sport Utility

Prefer to go running on unpaved roads? Then check out the Bob Sport Utility. Rugged yet lightweight, this stroller can handle the toughest terrain thanks to its high-impact polymer composite wheels and extra-grippy, pneumatic knobby tires. The fixed front wheels keep things stable, while the incredible suspension system ensures that your little one stays comfortable. It even has a practical hand brake, crucial for making sudden stops. We love its ultra-padded reclining seat, secure 5-point harness, adjustable windowed canopy, huge undercarriage storage, and easy, convenient fold.

Bugaboo Runner

If you're already a proud owner of a Bugaboo stroller, then you'll definitely love the innovative Runner. Just like the rest of their strollers, the Runner is highly modular. Designed as a jogging extension, you simply click on your existing seat, and go!

The sleek chassis allows you to reverse and recline the seat as you wish, perfect for your baby's ever-changing needs. We love the large wheels with built-in shock-absorbing suspension for a supremely smooth ride. Features include tracking controls on the front wheel, a quick-access handlebar brake, a spacious under seat basket, mudguards, and a light, compact fold.

Phil and Teds Sub 4

Calling all serious runners: We have found your perfect, dedicated high-performance jogger. With its state-of-the-art innovation and technology, this stroller is engineered for uncompromised performance.

Its unique center hub (no rear axle) and extended stride length allows you to run in a comfortable, upright position. The full suspension, torsion control bars, and the revolutionary Aerocore seat provide your child with a smooth, comfortable ride.

With a low center of gravity, even weight distribution, and an active handle brake, you can easily control the ultra-responsive Sub 4 with one hand. It even comes with an all-weather accessory pack to protect your kiddo from the elements!

Schwinn Arrow

Schwinn is known for producing some of the most rugged bikes around — so when this sporty, outdoor company branched out and started rolling out strollers, we were nothing short of ecstatic! We absolutely love the Schwinn Arrow.

This jogger has huge, 16-inch pneumatic tires and molded rims that offer great performance, while rear dual shock absorbers provide a smooth, steady ride. It's jam-packed with awesome features such as a bicycle hand brake, a rubberized, non-slip grip, a handy parent tray with cup holders, and even a pair of canopy-mounted speakers (!) so your kiddo can rock out to some tunes while you exercise. Also available in a double version.

Thule Urban Glide

If you're on the lookout for a performance sports stroller, then you'll simply adore the Thule Urban Glide. Its lightweight, aerodynamic design lets you get the most out of your run, while rear suspension and a padded, reclining seat keeps your baby comfortable. Features include an adjustable, ergonomic handlebar, a multi-position canopy with a viewing window, a large storage basket, and an effortless, one-handed compact fold.

Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller

For adventurous runners who go off-roading on a whim, the Tike Tech X3 Sport is the perfect all-terrain jogger. This rugged stroller can handle sand, gravel, dirt, snow, and more thanks to its rugged build and fixed front wheel.

The shock-absorbers dampen vibrations right at wheel impact for a completely smooth ride. We love its durable yet lightweight aluminum frame, quick adjustable tracking system, ergonomic and adjustable handle bar, cushiony reclining seat, large canopy with a low-drop visor, ample storage (a basket and pockets all over!) and easy, one-step fold. Also available in a double version.

Love to run? Share your favorite gear with us, as well as some useful tips and tricks!

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