What’s Your Fitness Personality? Find Out & Work Out!

Do you start off an exercise program with plenty of enthusiasm, but get bored quickly? Do you have the desire to exercise, but can’t find the time? Do you stick to exercising only if you’re doing it with a friend? Do you hate exercise, period? If any of these statements rings true, read on for motivation:


You bloom in groups and love the sense of camaraderie you get from a group dynamic or working out with a like-minded friend. The key is finding a group of people or a friend who shares your enthusiasm and motivation. You don’t want to spend time trying to psych up a friend who is always dragging her feet.

How to MingleFind a class you like and attend it every week. You’ll start to see familiar faces and make friends with people who enjoy the same activity as you. Were you on the volleyball team in high school? Your gym may have an informal game every week for anyone who signs up, or look into joining a recreational team in your area. Check out sportsvite.com to peruse the leagues and teams for all kinds of sports in your home town.


Life gets in the way… a lot. You may be humming along one week, and a crazy work schedule/ sick kid thwarts your plan to exercise. When structure is lacking, your fitness plans go bye-bye.

How to CommitConsider hiring a trainer. Pre-paying for a few sessions will help keep you accountable, and you’ll make it a priority. And trainers usually offer a 30-minute workout, which works better for most of us anyway.

Increase your chances of sticking to working out by making it a habit. For example, workout first thing in the morning, or take a walk every day at lunch. Remember, 30 minutes a day is recommended, but you can accomplish the same results in 10-minute chunks of time. Not sure what to do? Download the free Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app for personalized intervals workouts.

Adventure Seeker

Variety is the spice of life, and that includes fitness. Hour-long sessions at the gym, mindless walking on the treadmill, or doing the same routine day after day just isn’t your cup of tea. You enjoy hiking, skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking – anything that gets you outdoors.

How to Get More ThrillsYour beloved outdoor activities burn a lot of calories while you’re seeking a rush. Seems like a win-win if you’re easily bored. Check with your local sporting goods store. Many will have free classes on these sports. National Chain REI offers several.

When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can find a plethora of on-demand workouts such as yoga, hip hop dance, barre, martial arts, and more at Acacia TV .

Exercise Loather

Workout? Pssh. You would rather have a root canal. Sneaking in exercise without it feeling like exercise is the key for you.

How to Love (or at Least Tolerate) ExerciseBuy a pedometer and watch the numbers creep up. It takes about 2,000 steps to walk a mile. Keep a log to track your progress. You may want to consider wearing a heart rate monitor too and identify when your heart is pumping harder than usual. More heart pumping throughout the day equals more calorie and fat burning.

You’ll be surprised at how motivated you will be to do more when you see the numbers add up. Start walking around the office more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further from the school. On the weekends, gardening, walking the dog, washing the car, and spring cleaning all count toward that recommended magic 30 minutes of exercise. Don’t forget music, that’s a great motivator too. Draw the drapes if you must, because dancing is a fun way to exercise and boost your happiness factor. 

So tell us, what’s your workout personality like and what’s your exercise game plan?

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