3 Picture Books about Believing in Yourself

Kids who believe in themselves view the world as an exciting place full of motivating challenges and thrilling possibilities. Some kids seem to be born filled with self-confidence, while others struggle to have faith in their own abilities.

As a parent, you can do many things to help your kids become confident. First and foremost, show that you have confidence in them. Encourage their dreams, praise their best efforts, and give them your undivided attention when they want to talk to you about things that matter to them.

Another way to foster self-assurance is by reading books together with messages that promote inner strength, a positive self-image, and an optimistic outlook on life. Starting while your children are young is essential. Need some ideas? We have uncovered three delightful picture books that even preschool-aged kids will learn from and enjoy:

The Carrot Seed

By Ruth Krauss

A little boy plants one little carrot seed. His mother, father, and big brother are quite sure it just won’t grow, but every day the little boy sprinkles the dirt with water and pulls away the weeds.

Days and weeks passed by, and although nothing comes up out of the earth, the little boy continues to weed and water the seed. His family urges him to give up, but the little boy refuses to give up hope.

One bright day, the little boy goes to weed and water his seed, but something has changed. Where there was once only dirt and weeds, a carrot top has sprouted proudly from the ground, just as the little boy believed that it would.

Originally published back in 1945, this simple little picture book still teaches an important lesson. Believing in yourself combined with taking the steps required to achieve success really can make your dreams come true. 

The Dot

By Peter H. Reynolds

An art teacher finds one of her students – a young girl named Vashti – still sitting at the table after art class is over, staring at a blank sheet of paper.

Vashti is frustrated. She just doesn’t believe that she can draw. The teacher gently encourages her to simply make a mark and see where things go from there. Vashti makes an angry dot on the paper. And the teacher asks her to sign her work.

The next week when she returns to art class, Vashti is shocked to see her paper, in a lovely frame no less, hanging above the teacher’s desk. Perturbed by the single, little dot framed so fancily, Vashti decides that she could make something much better. She gets to work right away, experimenting with colors and techniques making all kinds of different dots.

At the art show the following week, Vashti’s dot collection is a hit. A small boy approaches and tells her how much he admires her artwork. He also mentions that he wishes he could draw. Vashti hands the boy a piece of paper and asks him to draw a line. She looked intently at the squiggle for a moment, handed him a pencil and said, “Sign it.”

Kids will relate to Vashti’s varying emotions. They will learn that they can improve on any skill with some practice, patience, and self-confidence. They will also discover that, no matter how young they are, they can find ways to encourage others to believe in themselves as well.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

By Giles Andreae

Gerald is a tall, lanky giraffe who is very good at standing still and reaching leaves high in the trees, but grace doesn’t come naturally to him. So when the annual Jungle Dance approaches, Gerald is a bit anxious....worried he would be the laughing stock.

Still, Gerald gathers up his courage and makes his way to the dance floor. The other animals heckle and tease him.

“Giraffes can’t dance!” they taunt.

Gerald feels miserable and useless. Leaving the dance floor, he heads home sadly. As he stops to look at the moon, a kindly cricket approaches with the simple message that some people just need a different kind of music.

The cricket plays a tune along with the swaying grass and the wind blowing through the trees. Gerald closes his eyes and listenes. Soon, his feet are moving, his tail is swishing, and Gerald is dancing beautifully.

All of the other animals are in awe and Gerald simply explains that anyone can dance...as long as you find music that you love.

Not only will kids learn that unkind words can hurt a friend, but they will also discover that even though you might not have the same talent as someone else, when you find something that you enjoy and are passionate about, you can be the best at it.

The common thread that runs throughout these charming picture books is that when you believe in your own abilities, discover activities that make you happy and work hard to reach your goals, you can make your own dreams come true.

What are some of your favorite kids’ books about believing in yourself? Share with us!

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