6 Breakfast Popsicle Recipes for a Healthy Start on Warmer Days

With warmer days ahead, hot and hearty dishes like oatmeal, pancakes or toast just don’t cut it. Old standbys such as yogurt, fruit and cereal are fine, but they can become boring day after day.

How about some ice cream for breakfast? Okay, maybe not ice cream exactly, but a batch of colorful, tasty frozen pops? Don’t worry; they are not full of sugar or other junk that could have kids crashing by 10 a.m.

We have rounded up a healthy serving of breakfast popsicles in a variety of flavors that will go over equally well at breakfast or snack time. They are all simple to make using easily obtainable ingredients and they are as nutritious as they are delicious. What’s not to love?

Green Smoothie Breakfast Pops

A tasty and natural powerhouse, green smoothies pack a powerful punch. With a boost of fruit and veggies, they can help increase energy, strengthen your immune system and may even improve focus and mental clarity.

Now take this nourishing drink and turn it into a frozen pop. You have a cool, portable and enjoyable breakfast for your kids.

Liz at Floating Kitchen shares a green smoothie breakfast popsicle recipe that is crammed with kale and then sweetened with grapes, banana, and honey. A nice dollop of Greek yogurt gives these treats a creamy texture and green tea boosts their healthiness factor even more.

Coconut Avocado Popsicles

Luscious avocado, creamy coconut and chocolate… where do I sign up? Maryanne Cabrera shared this tempting recipe on The Little Epicurean and a single bite will have you hooked.

Although these frozen treats look (and taste) absolutely decadent, you can feel good about giving them to your kids. Coconut milk improves heart health, provides electrolytes and helps control blood sugar. Avocados are full of vitamins, such as K, C and folate. They have more potassium than bananas and they provide ample healthy fats.

A simple puree of coconut milk and avocado sweetened with honey or agave makes the base of these pops. The drizzle of chocolate and scattering of pecans takes them over the top.

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie Popsicles

There is something so summery about raspberries. They are juicy, tart yet sweet and cheerfully bright in color. They have a low glycemic index, as well, making them a wise addition to your breakfast table, especially in the form of a flavorsome frozen pop.

Lauren of Lauren Caris Cooks shared this vegan popsicle recipe. The pretty pops are a blend of banana, raspberry, and coconut milk topped with dark chocolate, coconut shreds and pistachios, for a little extra protein to get your morning going.

Chia Coconut Pudding Pops

Remember snacking on rich, creamy pudding pops when you were a kid? Chia seeds provide the thick, velvety texture of pudding without the sugar and artificial ingredients you’d rather not feed your kids.

Susan Lightfoot Moran shares this versatile recipe on her blog, The View from Great Island. The recipe begins with a base made from coconut milk, chia seeds, and a sweetener of your choice. You can customize these breakfast popsicles for your kids by stirring in their favorite fruits.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles

As we mentioned earlier, yogurt is a popular summer breakfast go-to. Make it a parfait with fresh fruit and crunchy granola for an even more satisfying and well-rounded morning meal. Now, take it one step further and put it into popsicle form for a wholesome treat that is fun, as well.

Kellie Van shares a recipe for gorgeous pops on her blog, Le Zoe Musings. The creamy yogurt base is studded with jewel-toned fruits, from mango to strawberries to blueberries and topped with a crunchy layer of granola (swap for crushed nuts for a nice pop of protein).

Frozen Breakfast Smoothie Bars

One more smoothie rounds out our delicious collection. This recipe from Naomi Robinson of Bakers Royale takes a little more time and effort, but the end result will be well worth the trouble.

These breakfast popsicles include homemade granola, which combines rolled oats, brown sugar, real maple syrup, and dried berries.

Once you have allowed the granola to bake and cool, you can layer generous portions of thick Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and oatmeal cookie-like granola throughout the molds to create frozen pops that are overflowing with flavor and wholesome, as well.

Popsicles for breakfast may certainly sound unusual at first, but these scrumptiously gorgeous morning goodies are sure to win everyone over. Surprise your family by starting the day with some of these fabulously fun fares.

Which breakfast popsicle recipe do you think your kids would love the most? Share your favorite breakfast treats with us!

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