7 Fantastic Math Apps for Preschoolers

Looking for a fun, simple way to teach your tots pre-math skills? Or you just want to keep your children engaged while you take care of some pressing concerns? Your cell phone makes for a handy educational tool that will stimulate their minds. But with new games added to the app store all the time, there’s a lot of junk out there. And a lot of ads. And a LOT of locked features that require more dollars spent. And, if you know your math, that equals a lot of frustration!

If you want to make sure that their time fiddling with your phone is well spent, check out some of these educational early math games. Your kiddo will quickly master preschool math and feel Kindergarten-ready.

Bugsy Kindergarten Math

Bugsy is a very, very hungry hamster...not to mention an incredibly cute one! Kids will love helping to keep his refrigerator fully stocked by completing a bunch of math games.

They’ll learn their numbers up to 30. They’ll count by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s. They’ll master concepts like greater/fewer, number relations, patterns, and basic arithmetic. But this game beats out anything drill sheets have to offer. Seriously, Bugsy is so cute and so are the all the delicious-looking snacks he shops for at the market. Plus, he does some pretty hilarious things when you feed him.

So don’t be put off by the “Kindergarten” in the title. There are plenty of fun, easy-to-learn activities for preschoolers too. And self-adjusting difficulty levels will challenge your tot appropriately.

Grandpa’s Workshop

A lovable, dancing Grandpa...wacky tools...and fun DIY projects! Grandpa’s Workshop will have your preschoolers measuring, dividing, working with fractions, and recognizing numbers up to 12. Mixed in with the math lesson is an introduction to various building tools, puzzle-solving, and painting activities – and loads of positive feedback. And as a reward for activities completed, kids will be working toward building their very own, customized clubhouse!

Freckleface Strawberry Dreamtime Playtime

In this simple early math game, sweet little Freckleface Strawberry will help your children with counting, sorting, and matching objects. As with all Frecklface games, it begins with a story intro that stresses the importance of imagination. It’s a fun, engaging game with cute characters. Your kids will love counting her freckles and identifying their colors as well as sorting through her closet and buying goodies from a monster.

MathGirl Number Garden

With its beautiful garden setting, your kids will be far removed from the classroom. But they’ll be learning math all the same – if not better. Little ones will learn all the usual pre-math concepts like counting and patterns as they fill their garden with bunnies, butterflies, flowers, and other adorable elements. Plus, they’ll be adding and multiplying without even realizing it. A great way to engage the right brain while teaching numbers!

Monkey MathSchool Sunshine

Hit the beach with a playful, cheering monkey in this math game. Kids will learn to write their numbers, understand values, make patterns, and identify shapes. There are nine interactive games and different levels of difficulty. Cute characters will get your kiddo adding and subtracting in no time at all. And they’ll be rewarded as they progress, with cute elements to fill their very own aquarium.

Park Math HD

This award-winning game is based on Common Core State Standards with 3 levels of play for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade. Kids will count along as a rabbit swings, feed a hippo the right number of foods, and learn basic arithmetic as they help ducks climb to the top of a slide. There are balancing seesaws, patterns to make with sandbox toys, and dogs that need to be sorted. Great for hours of frustration-free learning.

Team Umizoomi

If your kids like the TV show, they’re going to LOVE the app. They’ll be flexing their math muscles as they explore Umi City. There’s plenty for kids to discover – from an awesome toy store to a race around the city, parades, and giant balloons as they practice their pre-math and arithmetic skills. Kids will earn badges throughout the game and once they’ve mastered it all, they’ll win a special key to Umi City!

What are some of your favorite educational apps for preschoolers? Share your finds with us!

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