8 Kid-Friendly Pool Games & Toys That Will Make a Splash

Marco Polo may be free, but it is so 20th century. It’s time to upgrade your pool games with some truly terrific and fun toys for boys and girls of all ages. With so many options, the sun will set before your kids run out of things to do in and around the pool this summer. Whether it’s Olympic-sized or an above-ground round, we’ve got just the things to keep everyone splashing and laughing (and exercising, too!) in the water.

Joust Game

Have your very own gladiator party with this set of inflated logs to balance on while using the soft boppers for hand-to-hand “combat” – simple but effective fun, even for tiny tots. (Since the object of this game is to dunk your opponent, the little ones should be closely supervised while playing.) Just add kids, water, and let the fun begin!

Pool Seesaw

This supersized SeaSaw Rocker will have them hanging on while they hang out in the pool! This toy lets kiddoes climb, float, and slide all around the pool from end-to-end and edge-to-edge.

Pool Noodle Connectors

Lynx toys link your must-have pool accessory so your little ones can use their noodles to build anything. Each box includes 12 connectors, for guaranteed fun in and out of the pool. They can enjoy these noodles all year long and make everything from rafts and floating flowers to forts and mazes.

Hydro Subskate

Recommended for kids 8 years and up, the Hydro Subskate is a set of 4 unique underwater skateboards for the pool, lake, or even the ocean. It’s great practice for skaters and surfers to improve balance and lower body strength, or do awesome underwater tricks. The durable foam is fully buoyant, so they won’t have to search for a sunken board and each set comes in red/yellow or blue/green with a cool matrix print.

Mermaid Tail

Swim like Ariel in this fun fin! These breathable mermaid tails are made from high-quality swimsuit material that is built to last, and are super comfortable and stretchy. The authentic mermaid “skin” design makes the scales look 3D when wet. With vibrant colors and a textured scale pattern, Fin Fun’s Mermaid Tails come alive as your kids dip and whirl in the water.

Underwater Camera Goggles

Here’s one for more adventurous kids. The XSC Explorer Series 8.0MP Underwater Video Camera has a built-in camera embedded into a snorkeling mask that makes underwater photography truly “hands free” for safer swimming and snorkeling. Photograph friends, family, or fish! Pics download easily onto the computer for sharing or even printing (high-res 8.0 mega-pixel image).

Sea Scooter

Take this propulsion vehicle to the pool or lake, hang on, and have a blast. This Sea Scooter propels its user at speeds of up to 2 miles per hour, and has a maximum depth rating of 15.5 feet. It’s built for safety, with floating chassis, auto shutoff function, and protective grilles. For kids 8 and up (and yes, mom and dad can play with it too).

Water Wheel

An inflatable kid-sized Water Wheel is an ideal way to keep youngsters cool and comfy on those sizzling summer days. This colorful, cushy toy provides hours of entertainment, teaching children balance and coordination while they stay cool in its tube of built-in shade. Both fun and durable, this blow-up contains no phthalate or other dangerous substances and it even comes with a patch repair-kit “just in case.”

What are some of your favorite pool toys and games? Share with us!

Cover image via Lynx Toys

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