These Kid-Sized Bikes & Boards Are All Kinds of Beautiful

Drop that Xbox! Sure, playing video games has some benefits, but nothing compares to active play when it comes to growing boys and girls. Riding around and playing outdoors is a simple and fun form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. This is the best and certainly the easiest way for the wee ones to investigate their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. Check out some of these bikes and boards – they’re guaranteed to get even the most indoorsy kids out and exploring.

For Little Kids

Top: Republic Kids Cargo Bike, IIMO Tricycle 01
Bottom: little tokyobike, Easy Rider Classic Bike

Republic Kids Cargo Bike

What a stylish and practical starter bike alternative! This cargo bike, designed with kids 4-6 in mind, is inspired by classic, three-wheeled cycles, but the highlight of the design is the front wooden crate which just the thing for toting books, dolls, or whatever your kid desires (as long as it weighs less than 10 lbs). Traditionally used for transporting groceries and the like, the adult version of this tricked-out tricycle is commonly seen throughout the streets of Europe carting everything from baguettes to babies. It’s a fun and safe way for little kids to feel like big kids as they wheel around in this chic cargo bike!

IIMO Tricycle 01

Made in Spain, the IIMO is a high-concept design Japanese tricycle for modern parents who want to explore and experience the world with their child. Made with space-saving in mind, Tricycle 01 stores easily when not in use. Though it’s tiny, it’s mighty – it’s been tested and passed, sturdy as can be. They come in a variety of vivid colors.

tokyobike little tokyobike

A little bike for little tykes, the Tokyo model is as functional in design as the grownup version, but kid-sized to include each and every delightful detail. little tokyobikes come in a carefully considered collection of six colors for your kids to choose from and a soft saddle. A handle is built into the frame to help parents in easy lifting, and there’s a handy-dandy a set of training wheels that can be removed when the big day comes. The little tokyobike has wide tires for stability when riding on rough surfaces and provides for an easy ride for beginners (plus brakes!).

Early Rider Classic Bike

Made for tots 2-5 years old, but with a design so cool and retro-classic, it’ll be the envy of everyone in the family. With a slackened head tube, wide rear “fatboy” tire, longer wheelbase and low center of gravity, the Classic makes for a super-stable bike sure to instill confidence and a sense of adventure in the most inexperienced riders. The wooden body, leather seat, and hot rod flames design are pretty awesome too – it’s built to last and be passed down to younger sibs.

For Big Kids

Top: Virtue Bike Virtue Schoolbus, Penny Skateboard Penny Classic
Bottom: Globe Pick Pockets Cruiser, Brilliant Mayfair

Virtue Bike Virtue Schoolbus

An electronic toting tricycle designed with bigger kids in mind, this bike boasts a cargo cubby capable of carrying 110 lbs and is made of sturdy marine-grade wood that’s reinforced with riveted stainless steel. This baby is perfect for parents to ride while transporting toddlers or for big kids to ride themselves. It’s deemed much safer than riding double on a traditional two-wheeler.

Penny Skateboards Penny Classic

Penny sings the praises of simple skateboards designed with nothing but fun in mind. So, their Classics models are exactly that… classic. Harkening back to simpler eras, these skateboards are just the ticket for girls and guys who like the laidback lifestyle and enjoy timeless looks. We’re showing you a neutral beige one, but there are also some bright colors available – the new batch comes with color matched cushions and bearings, for a sleek and simple aesthetic, top to bottom.

Globe Pick Pockets Cruiser

Check out this Plucked Cactus design… the image is truly outside the box with an intriguing image painted by artist by Keith Shore. But there’s so much more than a pretty picture here; the Pick Pockets Cruiser is made with Resin-7 hard rock maple, sports medium side-to-side concave, full nose and tail, 6.0" Slant trucks, wicked wheels, and die-cut recycled griptape.

Brilliant Mayfair

Here’s a practical bike that comes with a kickstand and just three speeds – as Brilliant says, “Unless you're training for the Tour de France, you just don't need that many gears to get around.” For cities with moderate hills like New York, LA, Boston, or DC, their internal three speed hub offers more flexibility than the single speed and it looks pretty snazzy to boot! The Mayfair comes in six eye-catching colors.

What are some of your favorite kids’ bikes & skateboards? Share them with us!

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