Basic Black: A Touch of Class in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Black has gotten a bad rap because it’s the color (or absence of color, actually) that’s associated with funerals, the Goth movement, and just about anything that’s scary (nighttime, Halloween cats, those magnetic holes in space).

But black is cool, versatile, and the epitome of elegance. It’s the color of class (black tie), the chic shade of geek glasses frames, and the essence of onyx. Before its unfortunate connotations came into play, black was one of the first colors used by artists in neolithic cave paintings. it was worn by royalty, the clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe, and it was a high fashion color in the 20th century.

There are a several ways you can use black to add flair and contrast to your child’s bedroom.

Here’s wall of black that really doesn’t count as such, because it’s also an art canvas! How clever is this?

Here’s a stunning monochromatic space – the gray feel, very calming, and the contrast between the black & white accents is really striking.

For play rooms and art corners, people tend to stick with white walls so as not to compete with all the colorful objects. Try black for a refreshing change (besides, stains are way less noticeable on black.)

For your Batman fanatic: It’s not Gotham without the black. (Switch out the Batman sheets for an all-white set when your kid outgrows them, and you have a room straight off of Dwell.)

Black makes all the bold colors and prints stand out.

While I do recommend keeping the darks to a minimum in the kiddie cave, a tiny touch of this achromatic color will make a big statement that will grow nicely with your child into his or her teenage years, through at least a couple of redecorations.

Will you decorate your kiddo’s room with black? Share your ideas with us!

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