Camping-Themed Bedrooms for Adventurous Kids

Whether they do it in an RV by the lake, a cabin for a week away from home, or a tent pitched in the backyard, kids adore camping! Even children who have never spent a night in the great outdoors are delighted by the notion, making it an adorable and exciting idea for a bedroom theme.

The problem is, you can't exactly plant trees and put up a tent in your child’s room… or can you? We pulled out the binoculars and went on a snipe hunt to find some creative and captivating camping-themed room makeovers. Check out these awesome designs, and fashion a room that will have your kids feeling as though they are sleeping under the stars every night:

For something that perfectly balances minimalism, modernity...and a casual camping vibe, this bedroom is it. The modern A-frame bed mimics a traditional pitched tent and the general sparseness of the room makes it perfect for imaginative play. Light, open shelving adds to the pitched and temporary feel of the furnishings, with nothing heavy enough to feel structured and permanent. The simple wall decal adds to the breezy, outdoorsy mood.

With a room like this, don’t be surprised if your house becomes the go-to for sleepovers, slumber parties, and neighborhood kids just hanging out together.

As much as kids will get a kick out of this camping-inspired room, grownups may gawk over it even more. The retro camper bed with windows, a functioning door, and interior shelves (it even sports wheels, a hitch, and a license plate!) is ideal for tweens or teens who share a room with a younger sib. The basic white goes with any décor, but you could easily paint it any color or add a custom design. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in this camper with a good book and a soft blanket? We would volunteer to give it a go in a heartbeat.

Warning: this indoor retreat may have unwanted side effects, such as unwillingness to go outdoors. The forest décor in this room, complete with a oversized teepee canopy, will delight young campers. The fabric canopy tents draped over the cribs, the camping-themed linens and the woodland wallpaper provide a true camping atmosphere. We love how the tent-like canopy provides a separate, enclosed space for sleeping twins while the additional bed remains outside for an older child with a later sleeping time.

Would your kids enjoy a camping-themed bedroom? Share your decorating ideas with us! 

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Anya Henners
I LOVE the tent/treehouse/trailer beds. Wish I was a kid again!