Exercise & Pregnancy: Muscle Through a Shorter Delivery

Do you constantly find yourself praying for some miraculous birth experience that’s smooth, quick, and easy? Well, get up off your knees and into a downward facing dog instead. Exercise is your answer. Prepping throughout your pregnancy will help you get mentally and physically ready for the big event.

Baby Bump Pride

There are plenty of psychological benefits to exercising during your pregnancy. For starters, we know that exercise helps lower our stress levels and reducing stress is crucial for your baby’s development. Plus, you’ll have greater pride in your baby bump as you take a proactive approach to your physical well-being.

Instead of feeling like a “beached whale,” you can appreciate and admire your new pregnant form. Another bonus: You’ll discover that exercise gives you a better outlook on your own life – and that’s an attitude you will pass that onto your child. After birth, you can exercise with your baby and as she grows up, she will learn from your positive example. So check out these exercise guidelines during pregnancy and get moving!

Privileged Placenta

When you exercise, you increase blood circulation, which helps promote cell growth and organ function. It evens helps you maintain a healthy glow in your skin. What you may not know, is that an improved blood circulation creates a healthier placenta. The placenta is the transport system for nutrients, oxygen, and waste product removal for your baby. So a healthier placenta equals a healthier baby.

Muscle through Delivery

Granted, there will be days when the last thing you want to do is get up and walk or head to your pre-natal yoga class. After all, you’re not seeing the fruits of your labor with a smaller waistline. But even better is what’s happening on the inside!

The advantages of having a well-toned body aren’t just for show – but to make labor and delivery easier for you. Since you’re acclimated to the physical demands of exercise, you will do better in managing the pain. The muscles that you have been developing through physical fitness will be ready to give you more stamina and strength for pushing.

Shorter Labor and Recovery

Studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy have shorter deliveries. That’s reason enough to stay physically active during the nine months. You’ll also decrease your need for a cesarean section, or the use of forceps and vacuum extractors. And without the need for these extra measures, you’ll automatically speed up your recovery period too.

Healthier Baby Weight

While visions of chubby babies send us cooing, a lower birth weight is actually a more realistic picture of a healthy baby. A lower birth weight doesn’t mean you didn’t eat enough during pregnancy – or that your baby is going to be premature. By eating healthier and keeping your weight gain in check, the reduction in unnecessary baby fat results in a lean and healthy baby.

Get to Pre-Pregnancy Weight Quicker

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy don’t stop at delivery. Since you’ve been building your strength, stamina, and flexibility, your recovery should be easier. Your delivery wasn’t as long and demanding and you’ll be up and about, with less pain and more energy. When you stay physically active during pregnancy, you’re ready to fly out of the starting gate as soon as your doctor gives you the OK. This makes returning to your pre-pregnancy body a reality that isn’t a year away but only few months away.

Do you plan on exercising during pregnancy? What types of activities will you do?

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