#FollowFriday: 4 Active & Outdoorsy Instagram Moms

We know that being in the “great outdoors” is great for us and our kids. It clears the mind, and literally opens up new worlds to explore that get the little ones thinking outside the Xbox. Research proves that time out in nature is essential to physical, psychological health and well-being, but these Instagram moms show us in glorious pictures how wonderful it really is, in real time, in their real lives.


Shannon Robertson: What will you do with this one special life? Eastern Sierra, CA.

Shannon is a rambler! She always has been, and always will be. She writes, “Four years ago I became a mother. Needless to say my life has forever been changed. But when everyone told me to say goodbye to my life of freedom and fun, I found myself feeling offended. I never knew what the world of parenting would be like, but I certainly knew it wouldn’t be some self-restraining, fat-ass-on-the-sofa eating potato chips, white jacket in a padded room, feeling sorry for myself life. Right then it became my life’s mission to prove to myself what the world of parenting could be.” Yes! What a great attitude. When you follow Shannon, you’ll delight in keeping up with her fast-paced life, her toddlers right there in the snow, hot-springs, summer forests, and rock gardens. It’s a glorious glimpse into life on the wild side.


Ashley Schaffer: Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Ashley takes her young son Hunter everywhere she goes – and she usually goes deep into the forests and foliage of one of the most beautiful states, Oregon. She shares pics of the most stunning scenery, including tall trees, majestic mountains, and wondrous waterfalls. She and her husband love to hike and backpack, and Hunter is right there with them. “Anyone that hikes with little tykes know it is no easy task,” says Ashley. “The packing, preparing, feeding, changing and car rides almost make you question what the heck you’re doing. But that freedom of jumping out of the car and smelling the spray of a waterfall immediately puts smiles on all our faces!”


Lynzy: The Armeanics family of three and our sweet pup. Living full time in our 21 foot travel trailer starting April 1st.

Photos and short videos from here, there, and everywhere (mostly Colorado and thereabouts) as this adventuresome foursome (one of which is four-legged) travels around in their trailer, enjoying everything from snow to sunshine, and of course, sunrises and sunsets. Mom, hubs and young son all star in the Insta, but mostly it’s the lovely surroundings that take center stage. Lynzy is a professional portrait photographer, so her images are especially striking.


Robyn: All the world is filled with love when there's love at home. Montana.

Robyn is the managing editor and photographer for Park and Life Magazine, so as you can guess, her Instagram is glossy and gorgeous. Her cherubic daughters are her models, and Robyn shares her thoughts on being a mom with heartfelt, honest and genuine captions like this: “When she was small and anything upsetting happened, I would watch, knowing that if she really needed help she wouldn't hesitate to immediately run to me – arms outstretched, knowing I would care, knowing where to find comfort. Kids are really good at this. I want to be like her – to never forget the source of my comfort, my strength. #iamachildofgod”

Who are some outdoorsy moms you love to follow on IG? Share your favorites with us!

Cover image via Ramble on Wild

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Nikki M
What amazing moms. I wish I could be more adventurous <3
Abby Stone
Lucky mamas!