Grown-Up Ways to Use Pink in Your Girl's Nursery or Bedroom

Anyone else feel like kids today are design-conscious from birth? Colorful spaces and sophisticated designs aren’t reserved for adults anymore. There are plenty of gorgeous design concepts ready to greet your new baby girl or to freshen your daughter’s big girl room.

While pink has been the It Color for a few years now, it’s a lot more subdued and serene than the traditional bubblegum hue for girls. You can always experiment with bolder trends , fun patterns, and unique shades in your girl’s room or nursery.

We’ve gathered together some design inspiration to get you started on a new room for your darling daughter.

A Nursery for Your Baby Girl

This elegant nursery yet minimalist nursery comes at you predominately through soft whites. But it’s a far cry from the stark, cold feel you’d expect from minimalist and monochrome room. Inviting and cozy, the bare wood floors together with the Wegner easy chair bring in a lot of warmth. The soft pink of the planter and swan’s feather make it a girl’s room without being overbearing while the foliage adds a fresh and lively feel.

A pastel pink adorns the ceiling of this darling nursery with just a few matching accent to balance it out down below. The rest of the nursery is kept quite simple and airy with pops of golden yellows to warm up the space.

This nursery takes the pink and gold combination one step further by adding a variety of warm shades, from coral to rust. The gold patterned walls complement the starburst chandelier. The pink ceiling works together with the warm, walnut flooring for al overall sophisticated yet cozy vibe.

With its pink flamingoed walls and hot magenta accents that offset the cool white of the room, this nursery represents a more the more traditional nursery. Yet, the luxe lighting and wall coverings bring a touch of elegance to the space.

Pink or blue... What do you choose? Well, judging by this nursery, it looks like you don’t have to pick. With equal parts pastel turquoise and soft baby pink, the nursery is perfect if you want to hold off on finding out your baby’s gender. The light oak furnishings and creamy whites bring it all together while letting each color show off its hue.

A Big Girl’s Room That Has Nothing Babyish About It

Here’s a super-girly room that’s not too cutesy or infantile. Perfect for a young lady who’s not yet a teen but definitely becoming independent. Pinks make their appearance but mostly as accents, using light blue walls to provide a serene backdrop to highlight those pops of color.

This big girl’s room brings just the right amount of sophistication to a kid’s room. The colors are more subdued while still feminine. Ample storage and a workstation reflect the child’s increased responsibilities and growing needs. Cartoonish elements are confined to the limits of picture frames and pillow covers, nicely reflecting this transitional age.

The elegant taupe backdrop to this room is definitely refined, bringing in a neutral shade to offset the seafoam and magenta accents. A variety of mirrors, both modern and rustic, pull the room together and continue the window motif. Inspirational messages dot the walls and the bed to keep this girl bright and positive.

In this big girl’s room, perfect for sleepovers, three different shades of pink are accompanied by bright orange and spring green. The white bed frame and duvet contrast nicely, allowing the colors to pop. The colorful chandelier brings in an element of off that’s in harmony with the circular woodwork on the bunk beds.

Pink is really kept to a bare minimum in this shared girl’s room. Thundercloud Grey walls and taupe beds elevate the room with a grown-up feel. The delicate chandelier, ruffled bedding, and antique dollhouse are all very feminine without being childish. Plenty of florals add to the girlishness and bring more life to the room.

Teen Style without the Angst

Grown-up design but still, this eclectic sleep space has some super storage nooks and comfy chairs for girlfriends to sit on, on homework nights. Bright colors and fun geometrical patterns feel mature and modern but not serious or stern.

Sophisticated textiles adorn the walls of this very grown-up girl’s room. The black furniture brings additional elegance. The daybed is perfect for lounging while the gorgeous desk allows this girl to get some serious work done. Decorative elements are all very mature but retain a feminine quality to them. The pinks have a bit more kick to them and are only used as accents.

This transitional teen bedroom is all about the hot pink but the traditional styling and woodwork keeps it from being juvenile. Loads of bright whites and splashes of silver calm the typically girly hue, while mix-and-match patterns frame it nicely

For the ultra design fiend, this nordic-styled bedroom feels very contemporary. Trendy rose gold and blush pink are nicely paired in otherwise black and white setting. Sleek Scandinavian light fixtures and decorative elements accentuate the vibe.

How are you planning on decorating your girl’s room? Share your ideas with us!

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